BL1 on PS4/XB1? Randy says [s]maybe[/s] CONFIRMED!

(Ultrarodimus18) #145

There’s another post asking about that, but they finally found it after searching “borderlands game of the year”

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(X7 Relentless7x) #146

I’ve done that too, maybe it’s because I’m on the xbox website trying to set it to download for when I get home from work on Friday and not on my actual console

(So long, and thanks for all the fish!) #147

I checked, and it’s not on the web site store yet, but it is showing up for folks through the console version.

I’m assuming this is some oddity associated with regions and release schedules?

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(Ultrarodimus18) #148

How much is it? I won’t have any money till Friday but I’d like to know beforehand

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(So long, and thanks for all the fish!) #149

When I checked the pre-order on the site, the console version was listing at $30 CDN. I don’t know what the digital version is retailing at, unfortunately, and I’m not able to check right now.

(Jones) #150

I bought it digitally on PS4. It was $29.99 plus tax ofc

(Ultrarodimus18) #151

So if I pick up a $50 xbox points card/whatever they’re called now I should be fine

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(X7 Relentless7x) #152

I just bought it on xbox app for £24.99

(Jones) #153

Oh yeah more than enough. It’s $30 U.S. digitally. well $32 something after tax

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(Ultrarodimus18) #154

A $50 points card will do fine, then. And I have a 2TB external harddrive with only 13% of its capacity in use, so lots of room for it, too

(jaymo1978) #155

I saw a Tweet from the official BL account saying it would be up at 7am Pacific today, so it should be up. You might need to do a full power cycle of your console to make sure it updates to the latest content…

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(Tysonyar) #156

Jaymo, what you have said above is correct. You can bring a character over from 360, but the game permanently saves your mission progress, unlike in BL2 and TPS (and most other games that have a NG+ mode), where you can reset and replay all story and side missions at any time.


Yeah, it looks like v-sync issue but only sometimes while moving the camera up/down. It’s good remaster, but the intro/cutscenes are not in 60 fps so the same issue as BL2/TPS.

(Jones) #158

Yeah i’m most definitely enjoying it. Would be a little better if i could play with my friend. But the screen tear so far only really seems to show up in fyrestone and during the day. The minimap when made to rotate lags a little but I’m loving having this game to play again with the upgrades. Well worth $30. Especially if/when the wrinkles get ironed out