BL1 Remaster digital purchase?

All I see is pre-order from gamestop or 2k… hoping they would have a digital option

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Release date is April 3rd; check back with your on-line store then.


To be fair, most digital games still don’t do preorders. Only a small percentage do, so I wouldn’t worry. I’m sure it will be the Wens morning.

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I played BL1 and BL2 on 360, and TPS on XB1. I want to get BL Remastered digital on PS4. Will anything carry over? Will I get the 75 golden keys for having played a previous game through shift even though I played on a different platform? They need more info answering these questions. I’m sure many people previously played on 360 last gen but swapped to PS4 this gen.

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I did exactly this jump to other side with PS4. Do suspect that situation is same as then, that only option would be transferring from same makers last-gen console. This is in itself a nice gesture from Gearbox.

So you can enjoy this radically updated game fully from beginning. And golden keys will not be a problem as they certainly be released regularly. Mind you that BL2 (and TPS) keys are still be released every two weeks, so there’s great prospect for long time golden keys support for BL1 too.

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I doubt it. Seems like it’s always been same console family for anything like this with Shift. And i thought the 75 bonus keys were for having a Handsome Collection save…

Edit: Never mind, i see you said you played TPS so you played HC. But yeah i highly doubt it will carry over from different families. Nothing ever has before.

Thanks for the replies. I kind of expected as much, bit wasn’t sure.

And about those 75 golden keys. I got the impression that these would be rewarded to everyone as welcome gift, and wouldn’t require prior saves from other Borderlands games. But all will be revealed really soon.

Correction: seems that saves from Handsome Collection (BL2 or TPS) are actually required. Darn these rumor and speculation “news articles” :neutral_face:

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