BL1 remaster: legendaries

Hello, an interesting idea came into my mind and I’m posting it right now before I change my mind.

What BL1 legendaries you don’t mind getting dropped from game or perhabs would need buffs to make them useful?
I’m sure that after playing the game for so long everyone have list of items they never found useful, hence if the game gets remastered then we’d see it only as improvement if those were either changed completely to something else or buffed.

*edit, wrote list to conclude my opinion about the underwhelming legendaries from the game:
Reaper: more than just fixing it’s effect, I think that this gun deserves to be powerful on it’s own for how rare it is. I’d like for it to have very low recoil to make it into a very accurate spraying weapon.
I wouldn’t mind Rebel,Troll and Protector getting replaced.
Assault rifles:
Bastard, Revolution - kinda pointless red text effect when it just affects stats and doesn’t even make the guns more compelling to use than regular purple assault rifle. Wouldn’t mind getting replaced.
Gasher, kinda pointless buff in firerate when it’s burstfire only and not even a good burstfire with accuracy so low. I like the idea however, so I’d prefer for it to get improved.
Sniper rifles:
Cyclops - really pointless when sniper rifles already are accurate enough by default and magnified scope is useless.
Surkov - pretty underwhelming imo, because it have no strong points.

Not into shotguns and rocket lauchers, therefore don’t have anything to say about them.

The Anaconda is one of the top-tier guins in the game, at least on Mordecai. Masher variants are considered the best mashers of all, due to their high damage, good accuracy and great fire rate. Elemental ones are some of the handful of revolvers that hit 1000+ damage with an elemental accessory. My Mordecai uses a Shock/Fire/Masher anaconda set with a defiler for corrosive.

What the heck does “raw or baked” mean?

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I’d also throw in that he can make excellent use of the cyclops. It can shoot from so far that enemies haven’t spawned in yet. It’s also exceedingly rare.

I wouldn’t have anything removed, but I will say some legendaries could be given a little love.

I see, thanks for correcting me.
I don’t know if the phrase exists in english, but I thought that it would be self-explainatory anyway. I’ll just remove it then to avoid confusion.

I’ve seen “raw” used, also “half-baked”, but not “raw and baked”. My guess is that last time is a more localised saying.

I just realized that I screwed up big time with that phrase. Yes, it’s directly translated phrase from latvian, my native language, however that’s not the problem. The real phrase would be “neither fried neither boiled”.

The reason for the screwup is because I think I’ve used the wrong phrase in past when my english was still crap, so I used it again this time and yet didn’t realize that it’s all wrong.

OK, that makes perfect sense to me - good phrase. What is it in Latvian?

“Ne cepts ne vārīts”

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