Bl1 remaster no loyalty rewards

I just got the remaster for Bl1 on my pc through Steam but when I got on I didn’t get any loyalty rewards, no skins or my 75 gold keys. I have bl1, bl2, and bltps on pc, and I have bl1 and bl2 for ps3 and bl2, bltps, and the telltale game on ps4 and I’ve already pre ordered Bl3 for $100 so I’d appreciate if I got my rewards

Did you log into Shift in-game?

Yup, still nothing

Hmm. That doesn’t sound right.
Let me find the Zendesk link, hold on.

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I thought maybe it was because I wasn’t logged into shift on bl2 but I checked and I am and I still have no rewards so I submitted a ticket, hopefully its solved soon, thanks for the help

did you get it resolved. i haven’t receive any keys at all and i set in a ticket a long time ago.

I sent a ticket and like 4 hours later I got an email telling me they don’t know why I’m having a problem and that was it, still don’t have my keys or my skins, I’ve literally spent over 1k on Borderlands games and their dlc but ok

I’m also in the same boat with not having any of the rewards

I also do not have my keys. I bought the handsome collection and everything.

I had to delete my old shift account completely and make a new one for my guns and 75 golden keys to unlock. I entered BL2 on the handsome collection, exited out and entered BLR and everything was in the extras menu.

Same for me but then I unlinked my psn, xbl and steam on the shift website and started up bl2 then bl1 and the keys were there