BL1 Remastered Missions broken

Hi there VH,

1st of all the remestered version is very nice Thank you very much 2K & GearBox!

There are some few problems:
-When i imported my old characters and play with my friends my missions get bugged, for example some missions reset, and i need to interact with NPC’s but they are not at the place any more, aswell as interacting with objects or loot boxes and they are not there any more. i wish there was an option on the main menu that you could reset your Playthrough 1 and or 2. because of the bugged missions.

-Introduce 1 more playthrough (PT), PT3, its only accessible for completing PT2 + being lvl 69, and from their on only drops loot lvl 69, including character mods and grenade mods.

  • Respawnable all of the Major, minor and Mini-bosses aswell as exclusive Enemies NPC’s.

These 3 things are major changes in my opinion.

i was actually hoping when you guys launched the remestered version this was implemented, but sadly it wasn’t :cry:

At least, is their any way to reset my missions or even my playthrough Gearbox? i dont mind playing all over again (no reseting character + inventory&bank PLEASE! )

Best Salutations for all of you VH!