BL2 1.8.5. HD 4K Textures have ruined 3D Vision Stereoscopic Gameplay

I’ve played this game since September 2016 and it has always played well using Nvidia’s 3D Vision Stereoscopic Gameplay. There was always the small issue of the shader not flush to the left edge of the screen as well as the menu graphics being incomplete in the left eye. Regardless, the game was more than playable using 3D Vision. The 4K update changed some of the shadows and how they display. I can definitely say that it’s now broken for 3D Vision and even installing the Helix Mod shaderoveride won’t fix it. It looks terrible. I would like to be able to revert to the previous version 1.8.3. that had compatible shadows and shaders. Please Gearbox help me with this one. I’d hate to have to call it quits after 2333 hrs however I will only play this game using the stereoscopic setup simply because it’s far superior to standard play. This update has been a downgrade for me and anyone else who plays Borderlands 2 this way. Please see fit to find a workaround or fix for this and allow folks to opt out of the upgrade if they so choose. I won’t be playing this game again until this is fixed or a way is provided to play an earlier version. This is such a huge grievance since I do enjoy and still play this game quite a bit. Until this is remedied you will have killed the best video game I’ve ever played by upgrading it. Oh the irony.

After some research I’ve figured out how to turn off dynamic shadows through the ini file which seems to be where the problem was stemming. This has removed the shifting shadows. It is still unfortunately a downgrade since the graphics do take a noticeable hit without the enhancement. This seems like it would be a simple fix. In fairness I realize that this game wasn’t created with 3D Vision in mind nevertheless, it still worked admirably despite that. I also realize that my issue here comes from a niche minority of your customer base. Being busy with the BL3 launch I can understand if this isn’t your top priority. I do however hold out hope. Thanks in advance if you can make this right.

When will de 1.8.5 version be on Mac? I can’t play with my friends.

Unknown, but Aspyr is apparently working on it. Info is linked here: