BL2 2 players splitscreen FPS PS4

Hi, i am going to be as clear as possible as english is not my native language. Me and my sister started playing yesterday Borderlands 2 as we loved the first one, but we are noticing some frame rate drops when we are moving around the scenario, in big areas (not very noticeable), when in the middle of a gunfight, the frames starts dropping, not that much, but it’s a little annoying. The worst is when one of us open the inventory / menu, the games becomes so much slow. And we are only 2 persons, not even 4. And i heard the pre sequel has some troubles even when solo. Is there some patch in progress for the splitscreen drops? (BL2 i am talking) why does it lag when someone opens their menu/inventory?. Regards

Anyone? No one is experiencing this?

when you play solo you have 60 fps. and in 2-3 and 4 co-op splitscreen have you 30fps. Maybe come this litte drops the low framerate in splitscreen. I dont know really but i think thats the problem. The Lag on Menu/Inventory rememberd me on the ps3 version. they had this same problems. I hope they fix this.

Sorry for my english i dont write often in English. :slight_smile:

2 players is 60, 3/4 is 30.

Sorry I dont know this. I think its performance problem. Maybe they fix this.

I have noticed the lagging your talking about, but mine has went further. In extreme fights or person dying, game will sometimes freeze on split screen coop. Since I bought game on 3-24-15, I’ve probably had close to 15-20 freezes in game play. There are times, when it lags that I think it’s about to freeze game. Have to close application every time. Sucks cause sometimes it takes you pretty far back to your last save.

If we could at least get a response from a dev…

Rtamic, have you experienced any game freezes during split screen 2 player?

No, i played just a bit. (until level 8)