Bl2 addon disc won't install all dlc

The disc won’t install all dlcs says one or more won’t install. The disc is like new

Platform and specific version of the disk?

Xbox 360. Its the triple pack that has all dlc’s and borderlands 2 addon for hammer lock big game hunter and tiny tunas assault on dragons keep. I don’t see any versions id anywhere on the disc or on the disc menu

IIRC the content was split across the three disks (because BL2 + 4 DLCs is huge for a 360 game). Check the contents of each disk to see if the missing DLC is simply on a different disk.

One disc doesn’t do it the rest do. And I’m also thinking about getting the handsome collection anyways but idk if it like what happened to disteny 1 where u lose some of the stuff from when u buy the collectors edition for the 360 that u don’t get on the one. If I can down load them on to the 360 also witch probably means have to get the bl2 for the one and the game of the year eddtion. Or try to buy the ones I don’t have. Also the bad thing is that I lost everything my home and job in the last few years and don’t have much set for the 360 that was saved by family members and I’m trying to get back on my feet but I really won’t the one anyways and the handsome collection anyways cause most of the games I have are digital all ready. Just don’t know how I am going to get the system or the game itself. I’m a army vet and don’t do much anymore cause of PTSD and that my body has been through hell I thank god every day I wake I’m alive and I have all my legs feet toes hand fingers plus arms. I seen a lot and its hard to deny that I haven’t lost anyone close to me or make friends. Cause of the PTSD I play a lot online but I don’t have gold for it anymore my life went to shambles when my wife and kids left me cause of the PTSD and losing everything again for the second time when I was married. Sorry for a long reply just don’t get or understand y they made it that the legacy counsels don’t get the addons like the one does it is so weird cause a lot of people are like me still love the 360/ps3 and don’t want to get the new one when they don’t have the money to get a new system.

Sorry to hear that you’re having such a rough time.

About the only thing I can comment on is the game: So, if you do manage to get an XB1, make sure you still have the 360 as well. You can play the backwards compatible version of BL2 on the XB1 and access any save files you had moved to the Cloud Sync folder on the 360. MS is releasing the next gen console sometime in 2020, so the price for XB1s should drop then.

If you do get the Handsome Collection, you’ll be able to upload each save file in turn to the new system using the in-game menus. The HC version has all four original DLCs and the five Head Hunter packs, so you shouldn’ lose anything.

Regarding the 5th DLC on 360/PS3: it may simply by a hardware limitation that’s blocking this. When GBX released the Head Hunter packs, one of the developers noted that they struggled to get everything to fit within the memory footprint allowed by the older consoles. The new DLC download was over 5 GB, so it’s not small.

Regarding the one disk that won’t install the DLC: not sure about that, but it’s possible the disk is damaged? You could try contacting the outlet you got it from to see if they’ll swap the disk for you.

The bad thing is when the remastered it for the one in the handsome collection it won’t let u use the disc of the bl2 for the 360/in it I have tried on a buddies one it didn’t work said can’t play disc

I don’t know if this the right place for this, so apologies if I’m in the wrong section. I recently got the GOTY edition for Borderlands 2, and installed the DLC that came with it. I’ve beaten the game’s main storyline, and went to start the DLC expansion, specifically the one for Tiny Tina. I can’t find her location in the Fast Travel though.

Should be listed as “Unassuming Docks”. Did you install the content from all three disks? The BL2 content is not all on the same one. Are you installing to 360 or XB1?

This is what it came with, and it’s for the 360.

Sorry, was thinking of the Triple Pack set for some reason. Not sure why it wouldn’t install everything, unless you either didn’t have enough hard drive space for the install or there’s some licence issue.

I’d recommend doing the usual 360 trouble-shooting steps (clear cache, proper restart, etc.). I’d also suggest double-checking the BL2 folder in your Games & Apps directory to see what’s in there. There can be DRM issues if, for example, different content for the same game was purchased under separate XBL accounts - so if someone else had purchased the DLC digitally, it might be conflicting with the disk install.

If that doesn’t resolve it, please file a support ticket.