BL2 and BL:TPS Legendary Drop Rate Increases! (4/9 - 5/13)

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Don’t try to do that. It will simultaneously give you an aneurism and drive you completely insane. :smile:

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Punctuation: it’s your friend! :smile:

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Aleast you got one to drop though. Ive been trying for almost 2 years now. And they only dropped me one pearl and it was one from the first wave.

(Rush86) #1091

i always get tubbys to spawn. Its just that they never drop me a peal from, the second upgrade pack

(Jessica Noire) #1092

True but it took me quite a while. After this one, I got the rest of the 2nd series very quickly but bad parts there too. I found the drop rate to be pretty good on OP8 (still pointlessly frustrating because of that overfilled pool).
I don’t have to say which Pearl they dropped me the most often, yes?

(Shure) #1093

I feel your pain!

What people seem to forget though is that BL1 wasn’t all about the Legendaries in the way that BL2 is. They basically changed the focus of the game in BL2. In BL1, although I agree it wasn’t raining Legendaries all the time, you definitely got more Purples and Blues the more advanced your character was, due to the “awesome” rating being applied as you leveled. I mean, what is even the point of dropping White gear after PT1? In BL2, it often seems as though they’ve made even Purples rarer than Legendaries were in BL2!

In BL1, you were regularly rewarded with Purple and Blue gear, especially in PT2 and above. You didn’t always need the Legendaries in the way you do in BL2. You mention Knoxx, and I remember beating him with my Roland using just a Pearl (not pearlescent!) Havoc. And if you specced him right a good Hunters shotgun was pretty devastating, too.

And when you did get a Legendary, the game’s mechanics meant that you didn’t have to discard it two or three levels later. That’s one of the most irritating things about BL2. Not only is the normal drop rate miserly in the extreme, but when you do eventually get a legendary your joy is very short lived. In BL1, you replaced a decent weapon only when a better one came along. In BL2, you often have to discard a good gun long before you find a better replacement. I mean, so what if a Hellfire lasts 15 levels? It’s a rare gun, so enjoy it when you’ve got it. Why give with one hand and take away with the other?

I will agree that better gear was more often found in the Knoxx DLC, but I also found that the Crimson Fastness was pretty generous, too. And it was a deads easy run. Old Haven, not so much.

In BL2, ironically enough, some Legendaries are actually the most common guns in the game. I was about to tackle Hero’s Pass on PT3 so quickly popped over to Knuckledragger to get an upgraded Hornet (5 minutes) and then over to the Forest to get myself an on-level The Bee (25 minutes). So how does that make them rare? It’s much harder to get an Anarchist than to get either one of those two. And once you know they are pretty much guaranteed drops, what’s the point of dragging it out? You may as well have them drop every time. It’s a pointless exercise for the most part.

If they really want to make you farm bosses for certain Legendaries, make their weapon loot pool bigger, rather than have to kill the same guy over and over again for a chance for a single Legendary. Craw was almost perfect. It was a tough boss, but when it died you were almost guaranteed to get Legendaries: the really fun part was not knowing what you’d get (apart from Equalizers, of course!). This one boss one Legendary idea is rubbish and actually devalues them.

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Lol sorry bro I’m not good at literature

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It would be awesome if things went back to ‘normal’, except for certain bosses (bunker, saturn, terra, eos, sponx, etc).

Thanks to this “tinkering” with drop rates, I’ve seen guns I had never seen, and got skins didn’t really know existed. Not because I haven’t farmed whole number percentages of my life away, but because the odds haven’t been in my favor, or more in my favor. Those odds are good now it would seem. Other aspects of the game feel a little broken. But it is simply impossible to know if I’ve just had bad luck with LLMs in thousand cuts. Who knows. I looooooove LLMs, but it feels like I’ve exhausted them and they have nothing left.

Thank you, Gearbox. You’ve made an incredible game(s) with a cult like following, and these past weeks have been a blast, taking wild guesses at what you may be hot fixing based on what these living piñatas spill out. And reading this thread has been a fun break from farming. I look forward to whatever you may end up doing with BL2 and TPS in terms of the drop rates. Just don’t make it too easy…

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A lot of you guys are very ungrateful, I see post after post about people not getting their weapon of choice in a few runs, let me explain. The default drop rate is 1/30 thats a 3.33% chance, that is nothing, barley anything and some of you complain after 5-10 kills. 30, in theory should be the average number of kills to get the drop. As far as WORLD drops go, their normal rate is 1/10,000 yes TEN THOUSAND, so when this happens please acknowledge that you are a lucky bast(a)rd. Pearls can drop from ANY legendary source, this happens because when a legendary drops some more RNG goes down and its a 1/10 for that legendary to be a pearl, this is why the llms seem to be potent in pearl dropping.

(Willo God) #1097

Thanks for upping the drop rates. I really appreciate GB caring enough to make sure we’re still enjoying the game. Overall, I’d vote for way up, so that we could spend more time playing thru the story than farming.

I think the drop rate bump has been great for BL2, but not so much for BL:TPS. The survey doesn’t really give a place to communicate this. I know the bump is theoretically the same, but the starting point seems broken in TPS. I’ve had no luck at all with grinding 3 purples, after 100s of attempts, and I’ve been really unlucky with farming bosses so far & haven’t noticed much difference over the test period. Where I did see a difference over these last few weeks is in the vendors. I’m getting a bunch of orange from shopping. This is sort of ridiculous and un-fun. I’m basically farming cash and trolling the safe areas for vending machines. I have confidence this will get sorted with updates and DLC, but ust wanted to say that the drop problems in TPS go way beyond the rates.

(Bodie B) #1098

the warrior is a 100% on first kill

(Shure) #1099

for what? He’s given me nothing with my latest Maya character in all three playthroughs

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can I ask you did you get the purple head in any playthrough (not the one that’s comes from jack) ,I think that was your legendary item a bit of a booby prize

(Shure) #1101

I think I got Jack’s head but I assumed it came from Jack, not the Warrior! Pretty sure I got nothing else.

If the Head is a guaranteed drop then it is indeed, as you say, a booby prize. I don’t consider them in the same class as a “proper” Legendary

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(Psmales) #1102

no the head that I referring to looks like a proper head and it is not garganteed

(Jessica Noire) #1103

Again, do you have any proof of that claim?
If it were as you said, there would be several reports of people finding Pearls from pretty much every boss with a Legendary loot pool, especially during this event.
Tubbies can drop Pearls and Legendaries at the same time which shouldn’t be possible with this mechanic as Tubbies can only ever drop a single Legendary (or Cracked Sash and Skin) like every Vanilla boss and DLC1 raids (unless it is a world drop but that is very unlikely) and OMGWTH only drops one Series 1 Pearl.
I haven’t farmed LLMs in a long time but for a 1/10 chance of something that isn’t that common seems very unlikely as I still found more Pearls from them than the average of that would suggest. LLMs do have at least two chances for Legendaries as I once got 2 from one but even then that seems very low.

(Psmales) #1104

it would be interesting to find out the overall thoughts about the last 5 weeks and where gearbox goes from now from all of you ?

(Jessica Noire) #1105

The Warrior has two class customization items in the Legendary Pool. Jack’s Mask and the Geary Head set (which are purple). Why either of these were thought to be a good idea is beyond me but they are treated as normal 1/30 drops. So with the Moonshot either of them could appear too which really a booby price indeed (especially because you can get Geary’s heads from, well, Geary anyway).
Both of these naturally makes farming the Warrior that much more frustrating, moonshot or not.

(Rush86) #1106

i think the drops for tps are good. And theres better chances to get rare gear. Theres the grinder and moonstone chests which guarentee blues or purples. I think the moon stone chests are such a great idea. I just feel they you have more options in getting legendaries in the pre sequel. The drops rates do seem lower than bl2. And the regular chests are really horrible for getting anything good. But theres farming bosses, using the grinder, checking venders, and moonstone chests to get good loot.

(Scuzzo) #1107

on a lark i went head and purchased the christmass day DLC… and ran the mission… it was kinda fun… really worth the 4 bucks for the fact the loot chest is so huge perhaps 5 or 6 normal chest… or more… but any way… ran it 4 times… Infant pistol second run… and a cradle 3th time through… 4 and 5 goose egg… ,