BL2 and BL:TPS Legendary Drop Rate Increases! (4/9 - 5/13)

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Gary Gygax devoted a fair section of the original Dungeon Master’s Guide to getting DMs to understand the importance of not giving away good loot too easily. It ruins the game if the characters find a Longsword +1 in the first dungeon they explore. If characters find stuff too easily, there’s no reason to play.[/quote]

That is right. But it is only half of the story. In fact, looting should be in balance. It should not be to easy to get loot and not to difficult. And in D&D, in most cases the loot was predefined in the modules sold for the gaming system. In fact, as a player i loved those original D&D Modules because they always gave the players lot’s of good loot, much more than our DM gave himself.

The problem with borderlands 2 is, it is much to hard to have sucess if you go farming. The problem with borderlands 1 was, if you wer looking for something special you had no place to go.

But borderlands 1 has had many advantages:

  1. if you saw an enemy use a powerful weapon, you could get it. in borderlands 2 you get attacked by e-tech and find some crap.
  2. you got much more legendarys on higher levels.
  3. The weapons were usable much longer. If you get a weapon in bl2 it wears out very fast.
  4. i never was stuck in the game or bored playing. I had both issues a lot playing BL2

No, the droprates are much to low. Grinding a boss a lot of times is not satisfying, especially if it is done on a high difficulty level. For me it is a reason not to buy a game. i love repetitive gameplay (i loved it to use weapons for a longer time in BL1) but grinding a boss a lot of times and then rolling the dice is just to boring.

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Maybe a 50% or even 70% but never ever a 100%. I killed him first time on some playthroughs and got nothing.


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Like grammar, not everything abides and that is one of several exceptions to the general rule. Technically he is not 100% but the moonshot is, including the 5 pieces of gear and then the various masks.


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I think it’s time to move on from the warrior, been at least 20+ kills without a drop now. My luck ran out and bordem set in.


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This game steals my time and so i complain.

I did not know about this issues as i started playing it and liking the gameplay mechanics. I knew about droprate issues in other games and just never bought them.

So if you see post after post, this shows: it is a big issue for many people and i am sure this will affect future game sales.

I would really like to see what happens in the pre sequel, i would like to play a claptrap but i really do not want to have the same bad experiences again and i had a lot of them in BL2


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My history of playing Borderlands

First playthrough was ok, up to level 30 things were balanced and playable. Then i farmed the Warrior to get a lot of iridium and stocked up in the blackmarket. I gained more than 5 levels doing so.

Second playthrough was disappointing. it was much to easy (due to my grinding) and punished with for almost not getting any XP. I did not expect much XP from weak enemys, but at least some of them. Borderlands drops the given XP very fast if a player is overlevelled so beeing more than 5 levels better than the enemys was making the game not only boring, but also free of any benefit.

Somewhere middle in the second playthrough i catched up with the game and things went ok till i reached level 50, which was a few missions before i have beaten the worrior the second time. Suddenly the XP awarded have been cut down to something around 30%, this was visible for me because open missions that rewarded 28K suddenly dropped to 8K of XP so leveling up started to become very slow.

I felt betrayed by this and i hate it if a game cheats on me. i paied for the level cap increase. there was nothing in the text telling me that getting one of this levels is 4 times as difficult than gaining one level before.

Then i entered Ultimate Vault Hunter mode and was stuck the first time at around level 53. All enemys almost insta killed me and i ended up in fight for your life mode in seconds. I always hated the game for taking my money for dying so i tried to die as seldom as possible. I was stuck in level 53 for two month, ot playing anything in that time because i was so fed up with the situation.

I was only able to continue by giving up of seeing money in BL2 as anything of any value. I could only continue by accepting, that i will always respawn and get more ammo by dying and respawning even if i have no money. in fact, money is worthless in borderlands 2, it is only there to make you angry if it is stolen before you understand that it is just worthless. there is nothing in vending machins that is uesefull. there is no need to buy ammo if you die a lot.

So i accepted to die a few times for every idiot and used a lot of keys until i got a lvl 53 plasma caster with slag. Against respawning enemies i used another character that i placed in a hide near the enemys i fought so i could prevent them from respawning. (i played both in splitscreen).

Of course, due to weapons wearing out the fun did not last long before i got stuck again. i got up to level 62 because i grinded cars in the dust. they can be easyly killed with plasma casters and give double xp if killed outside a car. At level 62 i was stuck again. In the storyline i was playing the mission where you have to kill the double of handsome jack. His shield was to good to be completely depleted in one attack. If i returned from the respawn point it was fully charged again and so i could not do any damage alone.

If i would have attackjed him with both characters, i would have downed his shield a little and made some damage. but then both characters ended up at the spawn station and mr handsome double did a respawn. i needed the second char on the roof to prevent him from respawning. This issue could onbly be solved by a second player (alone i can only control one character at a time) and i have only few friends and they are no gamers. So i was stuck again and the only chance was to get decent equipment. the farming system was to frustrating for me, so i gave up at that time again and would still be stuck at level 62 if there would not have been this weeks of enhanced droprates. Most important was not the enhanced droprates but someone here in the discussion talking about farming for torque coins on lvl 50 bar brawl.

This brawl is planable, you can see your progress in coins and with lvl 62 it was not so difficult to get 613 coins and thus get an unkept harold. It was harold that did enough damage to mr handsomes double. thus i went up to level 72 and reached the final fight, but was stuck there again because i had no good weapon to get down this shield bot of handsome jack. I am sure a plasma caster would have helped me but it did not work. So i was stuck again and concentrated on getting some nice things

then there was a 3 days free xbox live prome here. Ang playing online, everything was soooooo easy. it took only seconds to get rid of handsome jack and the warrior in UVHM. One other player killed them so fast, i could not even see them loosing energy in the bar, they both were almost insta killed. So in multiplayer everything was just to easy.

the same with those overpower levels. digistruct peak is impossible for a single player who is playing fair. the chance of dying is much to high and no respawn available. Playing it online with those strange superheros was just to easy. i had some fair groups with op8 people whom i had to revive a lot but i also had people taking stranges ways through walls and killing them monsters in no time.

Also there is absolutely no need for farming online, as long as you have OP8 because OP8 equipment is laying around in some games so you can just enter a lot of games and pick up what you see. And because of the fact that only OP8 weapons are usefull for all and everything, you will almost only find OP8 equipment this way.

But the online gameplay only lasted for 3 days and so i am only OP6/OP5 and still have to use my own gear.

believe me, it is a much better feeeling to use self farmed equipment than something laying around on the floor online. but on the other side, with more than 5 to 10 difficult farming runs to go, i just loose my interest. I have been trying to farm a OP2 or OP3 Infinity on OP3, my time to kill dr mercy was something about 10 minutes per run (i finally found out how to do this jump) and it is no fun doing this because you always get into time trouble. he almost insta kills me and needs 2-3 runs to be killed because he gets ReGeNeRaTiOn on OP levels. I got really angry yesterday, maybe it was good that non of the responsible people was reachable for me in that mood. You know, Wookies always pull out some arms out of the sockets if they loose.

This game is much to difficult in singleplayer mode when you enter UVHM, i am quite sure that most playtesting was only done in 4 players coop. The documents in the devellopers diary seem to proove this assumption. Of course, the game was not sold as multiplayer only (i just would not have bought it like i never bought Titanfall, Destiny and other MP only games).

This game needs very good weapons in UVHM. You do not get them while playing the campaign, so you get struck a lot before you go farming (and there are so low droprates that many people give up)

This game is much to easy if you grind during the first 2 playthroughs

This games betrays people paying money for increase of level cap by making levels above LV 50 4 times harder to get. Especially before you hit UVHM, you have no chance of levelling up.

This game is much to easy online and there seem to be many many cheaters.

This is why i call this game the most unbalanced game ever. It could be so much fun, but it is just a pain a lot of times.

I also hated the event character of this increased droprates. I dont like it to have schedules in real life and i dont like that in a game i have some times where things are easyer and some times when things are more difficult. I dont want a game to have some impact on my real life. I want gaming to be somthing that i can do when i have time. I dont want to choose between using a good chance in a game that is gone in a few days and other real life stuff. my real life always was more important than gaming and in any other game i played the odds were the same all and every time, so i can play it today or tomorrow. I dont want to run in conflicts like doing some thing with family or staying on my console because i right now have better droprates. :frowning:

In the end i want to say, gaming should be entertainment an fun for me and not something like professional sports. In other games, where they have those typical four difficulty settings (easy, normal, hard, ultra hard) i start with normal and then beat the game in hard, but most of the time Ultra hard is to much and is not fun anymore.

The biggest problem with borderlands 2 is bad balancing and any lack of adjustable difficulty. Thus gearbox must try to find a difficulty setting that pleases everyone and this is just impossible. So if they make a hardcore game, they loose the customers that like better playable games and if they make it to easy, they loost the hardcore people.

Maybe for a short solution, i would put droprates to 33% as default and have a switch that keeps old droprates. If something is found using this switch it is drawn in gold in game. dropping this item, makes it look normal again, so those folks who like to waste their time can show their state of mind by having golden guns.


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clappy is great fun in tps I hope that you enjoy it /him .


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To be perfectly honest, you’re the first person I’ve encountered that had a issue with it being “too difficult/ too unbalanced”. Most people complain how easy it is which is one of the reasons the OP levels were put in. You just gotta use some strategy with your character (or get a moxxi gun and be ridiculous) X/ I do however agree with you 100% on the difficulty of getting good weapons due to the low/poor drop rates. It does take a lot of time to get the weapons you want/need and the worst part is that it can be non elemental (or an element you don’t want), have poor parts, or the worse one: BE UNDERLEVELED. The drop rates should stay increased for these 3 reasons alone but it’s not gonna happen. It was fun while it lasted though. Still thank you for your kindness gearbox


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I’m giving you a “like” just for reading that. :wink:


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Since we are on the last day of the last week of the drop rate experiment, and there is not really a place for additional comments on the surveys, I thought I would give my final thoughts.

First and foremost, it has been quite enjoyable to get the random legendary drops that I have. There were a ton that I picked up over the previous weeks that I never got my hands on before, with any of my characters. Regardless of the usefulness, level, or type of legendary, it was fun to experiment with new weapons.

It was also rad to exploit this, in certain regards, to get better versions of some equipment I was already dependent on.

I would like to see a mild permanent increase in farmable boss drop rates. Something like a 10% drop. Gives benefit to players who want, or like me are somewhat obsessed with, certain variations of legendary equipment. Makes farming for something specific more tenable, while giving players who do not enjoy farming a chance to get some legendaries.

That being said, I would like to see a larger boost in world legendary drops as a whole (read random drops). During one of the hotfix weeks, I pulled two slaggas off regular creatures (rabid stalker and a ba bandit of some sort). Although neither was really useful as I already had my much loved and cherished bullets go fasterfied slagga with a maliwan grip, it still made my day (both times). The argument for the increase in world drops is to play around with and test legendary equipment. While I am a farmer, of sorts, I also don’t really want to invest the time on an unknown. Granted, I totally will. But getting to play around and test out random legendary drops rules, and helps figure out playstyles in the end game.

During the excessive amount of farming I have been doing through out this whole event, I got the urge to start a new game of BL1. I have been getting legendaries like its my job, and I am going for a promotion. They have been popping out of white chests, red chests, vending machines, random drops, and one as an end wave drop in the underdome. Ruled! The reason I bring this up is because of the multiple references to guns burning out quickly in BL2, which is totally true. My 42 Lilith is using a level 25 hellfire of not particularly great quality (yellow) outside of the 12.5 fire rate, and tearing everything to shreds. This is also because the damage difference (granted the power here is the elemental damage) is not much different. Almost 20 levels of difference and the bullet damage is about 10 less than my second most powerful smg. Hell, at maximum level, guns are doing a couple hundred damage per bullet (1000-1200 or so for a nice law). In BL2 the damage difference between similar guns a level apart gets staggering in later levels, making the need to farm, especially during UVHM, pretty great. This is not necessarily a drawback though. It provides a reason to keep playing years and years after this game was released. I do understand this is frustrating for many, but by the same token keeps many others playing continuously.

To those complaining about the difficulty of UVHM, yes it is hard. Enemies are bullet sponges, and the lifespan of weapons are short. It is also more than doable solo. Yeah, with some characters, I have died a lot. Others not so much. However, with all of them, I have solo’ed raid bosses, dropped in game bosses in seconds, and carved a path of destruction through pandora with a smile on my face. Any character is capable of being beastly, if the player can utilize the character. There are things like the bee, which is pretty easy and boring to farm, but rules to act as a power booster while more dependable equipment is sought out.

When it comes down to it, a game is not fun if it does not present itself with a challenge. UVHM is a breeze to some, a nightmare to others. That’s kind of the way it should be.

While I doubt this will be a permanent increase, who knows, with the release of the handsome collection, Gearobox may indeed be rolling something permanent out.

All in all, thank you Gearbox for this grand experiment. It was damn nice coming out of this all sorts of new gear to play around with.

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Sorry, I should have clarified, the drops overall are ok, and I also like the moonstone chests. It’s only the legendary drops. The rate seems really low, and it feels weird that I get most of mine from vendors. Would rather be killing than shopping.

Some of it may just be bad luck on my part. Also, BL2 was boosted over time with more legendaries added via DLC and Torgue Vendors, so I’m sure it’ll get better. Just trying to give some feedback on TPS specifically.


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Going for the variant of a certain legendary is what’s kept me interested. I know for a fact that if the drop rates hadn’t been increased over the last month, I’d of probably only gave the game one playthrough before shelving it.

I still get excited to see any legendary drop, but knowing it’s been quite possible to farm that perfect variation has been awesome. I’m absolutely dreading it going back to default, that’ll probably be me done then unfortunately.


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And that’s my point. It already takes long to get most legendaries but getting it in a perfect variation is an insane amount of time. Getting the legendary is rewarding yes but getting the variation(s) is more rewarding. The problem is lasting long enough to stick with it (which most don’t do which is why people use gibbed, cheat engine, etc).


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Thought I’d go back to the warrior for a final push to get a conference call, just in case drop rate go back down shortly… Ended up with a gunerang this time lol.


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Handome Sorcerer is a bit more reliable. If only that you don’t have to go search every nook and cranny for the drop. I have had way better luck getting CCs from him (granted all but one I bagged at level 30 were non-elem)


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I’m gonna go give him a try tomorrow, the last time I did try him though I never had much luck.

Wonder when we’ll find out what’s happening with the drop rates?


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Here’s part 1:

And here’s part 2:

Take anything on a YT video with a grain of salt. (I’d say a “healthy grain”, but too much salt isn’t great for you!)

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It’s weird that lots of people are farming lv 72 weapons instead of OP8…


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I can think of two reasons why this might not be that unusual:

  1. There are plenty of folks who started new/over with the PS4/XB1

  2. There are plenty of folks like myself who couldn’t bring
    themselves to attempt OP levels at all


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I don’t have highspeed Internet where I live and I would attempt the raid if you had response but it is one death and you get reset to the starting line so no thank you. I am good with my level 72.