BL2 and BL:TPS Legendary Drop Rate Increases! (4/9 - 5/13)

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I just had some really good luck. I was sick of farming (this experiment has made me farm waaaay more than I normally would) so I went back to just playing and levelling.

I found a Black Hole in a chest. This was pretty awesome because I’ve never had one before.
Then, on my way back out of Lynchwood I found an electric Invader…in a skag pile… :slight_smile:


(Psmales) #1129

thank you for the info time to go back and play the game and create more saves , Before the test period I only farmed for what I needed to finish the game but in the last 5 weeks was going for gear that I didn’t need although I did enjoy it .it was nice break from leveling carraters .


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Nobody’s forcing you to play or farm.


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I’m not really interested in the OP levels at the moment. I might be in the future, but I’m satisfied with level 72 as my endgame. It might be quite a while before I attempt the OP levels, so I’m building my inventory at 72.


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Op levels are easy there is nothing to irnict gotten 5 people to op8 in two days I don’t see how u can say over power levels are hard gotta know how to at the game


(Brak3000) #1133

There’s a lot of people that don’t just want some random guy to “get them” to OP8. And soloing the OP levels is incredibly challenging, and can also be horribly frustrating.


(We love too loot!!!!) #1134

No way solo is hoenh did all five of my op 8 tunes bra and I’m not random I’m a vet at this game since 09


(Brak3000) #1135

are you talking about helping other people to get to OP8? or reaching OP8 with 5 of your characters? I’m not sure what hoenh means but good job on being really good at this game i guess.

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Lol I’m tired miss spelled and I helped five other people today and yesterday and have them all the loot from the game and I made op8 on all of my characters it’s not hard by ur self it’s #harder# with four players and I don’t claim to be good I just have common sense of an rng game like this and fps games


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It’s all good though bro


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I hope we get to see week 1 or week 3 stick to the drop rate perma fix

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(Brak3000) #1139

yeah no worries bud. I would disagree with you about it being more difficult with 4 players though. if you solo it, any mistake will usually mean having to start over again, but with multiple players, you can sometimes get rescued, or help out after you die. The starting over part is where the challenge and frustration comes in.


(Psmales) #1140

I hope so my self but we have to wait to see what gearbox are going to do from now ,hopefully not too long .


(Markandmelanie) #1141

Just my two cents about the Peak.

Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with it. I get very nervous going into it and have a bit of a sick feeling as I’m going through just knowing that one death and phfft, back to the beginning.

I have only ever played solo and I find it VERY challenging. The best I’ve ever done is Maya to OP6 and that was a real accomplishment.

I know that I will continue playing it because it is fun and extremely challenging, and getting each OP level is very satisfying.

But I can totally understand the players who choose to stay away from the Peak. It can be a huge headache.

I actually do serious farming for level 72, OP4 and (when I eventually reach it) OP8. OP4 is just to continue on to OP8, but I like having a nice set of gear for 72 as well.

Happy day! :smile:


(Rush86) #1142

Yea i agree the legendary drop rates are low on tps


(Psmales) #1143

have you just been on tps gearbox could have ended the test last night uk time soon find out though


(goatsnatcher1) #1144

Do you think they will tell us or just put them back to default?


(GarethEU) #1145

I dont think you understand, or maybe I didn’t put it clear enough, world drop legendarys have the 1/10 to be a pearl. Tubbies are not world drops, they have their own loot pool. The majority of bosses have the same pearl chance as any normal enemy, this number in unknown. LLMs count as world drops, this is why every few runs you get pearls, only the first set tho. As for proof of the 1/10 for world drops, a few years back of the gearbox website they released an article discussing the loot that would drop from any standard enemy, say a spiderant or rat. This revealed the 1/10000 world drop chance. Looking into the code you can see that pearls occur 1/10 times for each world drop. You need to understand that not everything has one big loot pool.


(goatsnatcher1) #1146

I am yet to see a pearl drop, and that’s playing on the 360 and X1.


(Jessica Noire) #1147

Earlier you said ANY (capitalized too) Legendary so that implies anything that can drop as Legendary can be Pearl even assigned drops.
And yes, they brought two articles on that but both of them were written with only Normal and TVHM in mind because there is no mention of Pearls whatsoever. The rate has since changed in UVHM as we’ve found far more random Legendaries than in earlier modes (and I had to play those a lot too), especially in chests. Given the earlier rate 1/10 of a Legendary drop does make sense, I give you that.

How do you know that LLMs drops count as world drops? None have been witnessed to drop Legendary Shields which makes me doubt that. Please, just show us where (or how) you found that info. It’s easy to say “it’s in the code” but I doubt that still. I want to believe you, you know.