BL2 and BL:TPS Legendary Drop Rate Increases! (4/9 - 5/13)

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They will let us know something but not give us any information about drop rates especially when the pat 5 weeks have been a beta test for their drop rate percentages for a new game possibly


(goatsnatcher1) #1149

Finally just got a critical conference call, very happy. Now it’s the quasar.

I remember getting a quasar on the 360 and using it constantly, even when I’d massively out levelled it. It’s also proving illusive at the moment.


(goatsnatcher1) #1150

Has anyone got an opinion about where the best place to farm the varkids is, farm house or caverns?


(Jessica Noire) #1151

Both are great but I personally prefer the Caverns. There are many Varkid spawns, lots of cover and the Crystalisks are great distractions (and allow you to b0re Vermi should one spawn).
Though getting UBVarkids to drop a Quasar can be troublesome so you might want to consider farming LLMs too.


(goatsnatcher1) #1152

My luck with LLM has been awful, I spent some time farming them in the WEP and didn’t really get anything…Well, a legendary class mod. The Varkids I’ve not really spent any time farming.


(cronoz) #1153

I started playing the game not knowing about any droprate issues. I made plans and i finally finished them.

I have had already quit playing and startet Resident Evil 6 after beeing stuck the last time and i would not have returned without this increased droprate weeks. This is the first time i ever did this. I was just so angry about beeing stuck that i returned.

Maybe someone at gearbox thinks that players who finally reach their goals are happy with this. I just remember all the pain i have gone through an thus i am angry. call it a matter of love and hat. I loved Borderlands 1 and i would have loved Borderlands 2 without this issues.

Yesterday i found out a way to get Dr Mercy down much faster. I never before tried those kunai on him, becaus as i got them the just sucked on the enemys i tried. But with them you can have luck and get him slagged and then you can easyly get him down. But of course, things do not always work as expected, but in the end i now can handle OP4 Mercy with this. And what did he give me? 2 OP2 (!!!) Infinties with absolute equal stats, the second one with a 5.x sight.

With higher droprates it would make sense to continue farming him until i get some elemental versions too :smiley:

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I’m not happy with the drop rates at all in BL2 and TPS we need a good conformation that they will perma update to the games and let us get the pearls and legendaries we need for real at a good chance we could be farm between 5-15runs and it give us the rare type of Maggie,CC SHOTTY,grenade mods,class mods,ETC ETC

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(cronoz) #1155

That is exactly why i never did it solo. My Plans ended at LVL 72.

For a solo player this is incedible. You can be very proud of it. I never played a maya but i think the character helped a little because it seems very strong, but getting op6 solo is still incredible with noone there to help you.

The “sudden death feature” in singleplayer on digistruct peak is to annoying for me. But there is help online. It is much easyer to get this OP levels online with the help of other players. Once i got an op level by entering a digistruct peak challenge game long after they have started their run. i came there, i saw the mission fits my needs prfectly (look onto the active mission) and just waited a few seconds, then they finished it and i got one more OP level.

Of course, this is not satisfying at all. But in the end i got this OP level so i can now use it in gameplay.

Gearbox should really have some plans for the future to make their games enjoyable for normal gamers and for the pros too, who play it for years. I think everything gameplay relevant should be easyer to achieve and the singleplayer mode must be better balanced compared to the multiplayer mode. By making enemys easyer in singleplayer, by placing more respawn stations there and so on.


(hidoggie) #1156

Cool story bro.


(Scuzzo) #1157

well that was fun, but i think the golden weeks are over, i farmed a little bit and not one Legendary, just blue and green… both W and Bunker and loot train… i hope GB post a decision on what comes next… because with out the drop rate adjustments BL2 and TPS are just WAY too much a grind… not up for playing when its back to previous drop rate… just not willing to invest that much TIME… oh well… been fun.


(Jeffybug) #1158

The last legendary drop rate hot fix has been removed – thanks to everyone who has participated and shared feedback over the past five weeks! We hope you enjoyed the extra loot.

As for next steps, our research team will begin to analyze all of the data that we received and work on a plan for next steps. We’ll follow up once the analysis has concluded!


(Psmales) #1159

thank you and wait for your people to do there thing and looking forward to hear from you soon bye for now. To wider community thank you for your finds and heart felt comments over the last 5 weeks , I hope that you use your new shinny toys to reek havox in the worlds of pandorra and helpis . I hope to see you all when new vaults to explore in borderlands 3 in the not too distant future.


(Jessica Noire) #1160

So it’s finally over.

Well, I had a great time (when I actually played). Despite certain problems seeing them drop more often iwas much more motivating than before. I hope the data provided serves you guys well.


(hidoggie) #1161

Thanks Jeff. Very much appreciated!


(We love too loot!!!!) #1162

Thank you gear box for letting us be a part of the family looting and shooting with yall! It’s been real fun and I hope to see a good permA fix to the drop rates and screen tears and certain gun drops that are impossible to get!!! Thank you once again for letting us be a part of the loot and shoot rng family!!! Deuces


(cronoz) #1163

So Droprates are now back to almost unplayable low ?

So maybe gearbox should give us a week of highest droprates from survey as a thank for helping you doing your job, in the end we have beta tested your adjustments.

i am happy i am still runing with the last hotfix patch, i did not stop playing so i hope this last loaded updates will last until i am finished with grinding tonight.

had some luck today, after trying to get more than OP2 infinitys from OP4 Dr Mercy for three days in vein running mad and having some meltdowns, i once tryed him on OP5 and than single try he gave me an OP5 Infinity which has a lot of power. But even having luck today, i still dislike this random algorhytm very much. There are low droprates and there is a lot of under levelled stuff given at this low droprates.

So i hope your guys will be fast analyzing the complaints and do their job. I will have a look on the outcome and the results will have an impact on my beeing willing to buy futere gearbox productc or not and reconmending them or not. Both aspect are absolutely NO NO NO NO NO (Shaking Head) right now so.


(Alexnonstop69) #1164

I’m not sure they’re analyzing complaints as much as data


(LordGoldwand) #1165

Thanks for the past few weeks of increased drop rates, I definitely had fun!

Can’t wait to see what you guys decide to change.


(Deathslasher) #1166


… just kidding, had a good time during the last weeks playing B2, with ups and downs, overall nice idea adjusting droprates, hoping you folks from GB can do us another favor with increasing droprates after analyzing data is finished (although hoping that this doesn t last too long) thx :slight_smile: .


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And one last thing before you leave forever, if you haven’t already - PLEASE FIX BOLL! We know he’s supposed to drop the Fastball but he doesn’t and it makes me sad.