BL2 and BL:TPS Legendary Drop Rate Increases! (4/9 - 5/13)

(Deathslasher) #1168

Agree !!!



Are you aware that “being very challenging” is literally the entire point of Digistruct Peak and the overpower levels?


(Watcher on the wall) #1170

This topic isnt the place to discuss the challenge that is Digi Peak. Feel free to make a thread for it though.


(goatsnatcher1) #1171

Feeling sad now it’s over, really enjoyed the last month or so.


(Markandmelanie) #1172

Yes, I am aware. Thank you.



Just a “Thanks!” to both you Jeff, & Kitty. You guys have been a tremendous help several times through this event with the info you’ve shared and the patience you give to the community as a whole.


(How much time do we have?) #1174

Greatly enjoyed he event, and hope that something good will come of it for all who continue to play BL2 & TPS.

And, should you be wondering what GBX can do to celebrate significant anniversaries of game launch dates, holidays, etc… Hmmm - when is Randy’s birthday? How about a Hobbit-style party where everyone else gets presents? :wink:

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(Willo God) #1175

Thanks!! This was fun & it’s a feels good to know that GB is seriously considering fixing one of the major pain points off the series. Looking forward to the results.


(Below 9000) #1176

Thanks for running the event, all GBX staff and support. It’s been a lot of fun to be involved.


(goatsnatcher1) #1177

Yep, it’s official, the Warrior has stopped giving :frowning:


(Alexnonstop69) #1178

Giving what? More generously than usual? Did you get something especially unusual, or generous amounts of his goods?


(Evo4g63t) #1179

I’m hoping you guys will at least leave the drop rate higher than the default during this time. I really enjoyed playing the last month it’d be a shame if it goes back to the way it was.


(Mark) #1180

Thanks guys, it’s been (mostly) great fun and some cool loot has been had.

Here’s to more fun in BL 2 when the dust settles and bugs are squashed.

Cheers! :smiley:


(goatsnatcher1) #1181

Giving anything worthwhile…


(Brak3000) #1182

I squeezed in a few Handsome Sorcerer runs before the end, and it was a lot of orange!!! Junky orange, but orange none the less:

10 runs: 7 Legendaries - 4 Firestorms (Badass Fire Mages, #1,3,8,10), 2 Impalers (#2, 6), Leech (#7)

Thanks for the fun and lootsplosive month GBX. Time to get back to…farming, just with more disappointing results.

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(Bodie B) #1183

yes i have gotten a legendary of his pool from every single moonshot kill…meaning…the first time you kill him each playthrough and hit the moonshot…sometimes i have to look long and hard because its not in the general area it usualy is…but for the most part it is within the aread near his head


(Bodie B) #1184

thats where i got all my conference calls…2 regular ones 3 caustic …and 3 fire…some times the stupid head drops orange and thats considered its legendary …but then u get the leech the impaler the flakker and volcano…that being said ive never gotten any other type of legendary on those initial kills


(We love too loot!!!!) #1185

I hope they let us know something about the drop rates soon and not make us wait for a social way of finding out how the analyzing went with the test weeks we had for the drop rate


(hidoggie) #1186

They’ll tell us what they want to when they’re ready. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for anything immediate.


(cronoz) #1187

I think they should :smiley:

It is like running a shop in a mall. They should be listening to complaints. Most unsatisfied people just go away without a complaint. So every complaint stands for a lot of other unsatisfied people who went away without saying a word shopping somewhere/somethzing else next time.

In the end, they want to sell products.

So let’s have a look at sales figures. I just take the xbox 360, because i am using this system:

i searched for borderlands

i got the following sales figures for xbox 360:

Borderlands (360) sold 3.340.000
Borderlands 2 (360) sold 2.980.000
Borderlands TPS (360) sold 0.620.000

Sales for handsome collection seem to be very low according to so one cannot argument the almost 80% decrese are due to system changes.

So with this numbers in mind they have a good reason to look at complaints. It is really sad. I love the franchise regarding the style, the humor, the characters and so on. But i hate the balancing of BL2 and i fear TPS has the same Game mechanics so i am not going to buy it. Lokking at this numbers, many did the same.

(all numbers according to !!! so no matter how accurate they are they show a dramatic decrease)

And in fact, if borderlands 2 would have been playable like the first version, i would have bought it the moment it was introduced to the market. :smiley: