BL2 and BL:TPS Legendary Drop Rate Increases! (4/9 - 5/13)

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After a few days of dry runs on Monday and tuesday things went better for me. Got some good infinities (especially a OP5 infinity which i can use on lvl 72 for continous gunzerking those targets of marcus (“no no no, use a fire weapon…” / “yes yes yes give me xp for my other character”) so i can level up my other chars after reaching TVHM.

I also got many other nice legendarys in different strength ( i farmed on OP levels, lvl 72 and lvl 50). Even the warrior agreed to give me a lvl 72 IMPALER ( i love that shild for taking out many mobs without me doing anything ) :smiley:

But Borderlands 2 got me back to WORST NIGHTMARES OF 80 GAMING. I did not turn of my console for 36 hours. It is like on 8 bit days, where games had no save and you had to keep them running, using the pause function while sleeping!!! In this case i had to do this to prevent the new hotfixes to be loaded and thus gaining 36 hours of grinding.

Now i am done with this. got a nice collection.

But i am not thankful for this events. yes, they helped me finally beat the game. But they had a strong impact on my life regarding time and planning. I will avoid games containing events in the future. I want to have the chance to decide when i want to update/change a game. I hate the idea of keeing a system running for 36 hours even at sleeptimes just to keep that HOTFIX ALIVE :frowning:

And of course, farming is now done for me.

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Anyone had any luck since things went back to norm? I’ve had a lvl 71 Bunny off a chubby yesterday, that’s it upto now, not had any luck with the warrior etc…

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Ran the Sentinel with Athena four times yesterday trying once again to get either of her heads to drop. (Did this also during the hot fix weeks and still had no luck.) The first three runs netted me a legendary each time (class mod, ZX-1, class mod) and nothing the fourth time. No moonstones, btw, so I guess it was just a few lucky runs.

Played around with a few lower-level characters for a bit and found a Bouncing Bazza and Fabled Tortoise in machines. The Tortoise isn’t as movement-restrictive in TPS as it is in BL2. My level 8 Jack is loving it!

Haven’t put in BL2 since the hot fixes expired so nothing to share there.

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I got a lot of legendarys but i am sure only because i did not turn of the console and continued playing with last week hotfix. but now i am done and i dont have any plans to waste my time with farming until there is a major increase in droprates again. i am not stupid, time is money :smiley:

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tps I have a eddie drop 2 hrs to get though and go fiqure 40 mins of messing around with meg 2 torrents (nothing of the seminal in first kill)

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I might have to give TPS a good go now then, I haven’t really played it over the last month, just stuck to BL2.

From what my son was saying earlier, he seems to be having good drops still on TPS.

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Do what it do what it #do

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Dude take ur (removed) comment out of borderlands if u have nothing better to say quit putting down this game

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We don’t appreciate the term “gay” being used in that context here. It is to be quite honest, very insensitive.
There are better ways to say what you did without that :slight_smile:

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I have just analysed numbers. even you are interested in the droprate issues and the outcome of the survey, so i think you can not be to satisfied with the standard situation yourself.

Ever got the idea that criticism can help make games better? And using sales numbers is a good way to bring things to the bottom line! There should something be done. That is not putting down the game as a whole, but it is my way of discussing the issues.

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Handsome sorcerer still droping legendary for me at a high rate… Also 5+ hrs of farming saturn got me 2 invader and a under lvl hive at the end… Never farming that stingy bastard again…!!

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I’d love to get a hive, I think my controller would get chucked out the window in a rage before that happened though.

I was trying for the Quasar lastnight, I only got two ultimate badass to spawn in 3 hours though, so no joy.

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Where’s the drop increase of this week?

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There isn’t one. Back to default unfortunately.

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test drop rates are over so no hotfixes for drop rates will be issued until they decide what they are going to do. Both games have been restored to normal drop rates for now . Lets hope that it not going to be too long

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Tbh, as much as I enjoyed week 3…which I did alot. I’d be happy if they settled on a week 4-5 drop rate over default.

It just seems so hard to get anything now after being spoiled with nice drops for over a month. I don’t want to stop playing but I am starting to get a little bored now.

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[quote=“goatsnatcher1, post:1203, topic:266284, full:true”]
Tbh, as much as I enjoyed week 3…which I did alot. I’d be happy if they settled on a week 4-5 drop rate over default.[/quote]

Week 3 was good. Everything else was less good.

They have to please some different audiences. Maybe they introduce gold weapons (same stats as normal orange versions but golden skin) which have that annoying low drop rates we have now so those collectors have something to go for. I do not care for the look, i just want decent weapons and i would have liked to get them during the playthrough.

in fact, it is like most other games: you get the best stuff at the end of the game and then there is not much left to do with it. The orange weapons should appear during the game.

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Well happy… Just got a Quasar from a LLM. It’s not exactly the variant I wanted and it’s a lvl 71, still happy nonetheless.

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I am not about putting this game down or Tearing it apart and by the way who cares anymore if they fix the drop rate they are not gonna list be to any of us!!!

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Sorry I said the word gay kitty