BL2 and BL:TPS Legendary Drop Rate Increases! (4/9 - 5/13)

(cronoz) #1208

I am not putting it down either. If it would be crap, i would not play it. I have posted a lot here since i heard about this droprate test weeks. One thing i said was: Borderlands 2 could be a top hit, like skyrim, if there would not be this balancing and droprate issues. It is this mixture of love and hate that makes me complain. As i said, critic is necessary.

If they finally fix the droprate it also affects TPS and it shows that they have changed their mind. If they do not fix them, you can bet that next borderlands game will have the same issues. Just my opinion.

(Below 9000) #1209

Tried farming the Treants last night because I need a new Bee. Nothing dropped in about a dozen or so runs. I don’t remember it being that hard even before the experiment. Just bad luck I guess.

This event has spoiled us! I remember runningthrough there on week 3 and they basically all dropped one (that could, of course). Now a droprate like that is obviously too high. But having nothing drop is disheartening - I hate to say it, but the loud complaints in this thread are just feeling disheartened, not full of hate.

(Markandmelanie) #1210

Zero – Level 27 – NVHM

In Sawtooth Cauldron right now and got a level 26 Conssumate Hellfire AND a level 28 Aggressive Slagga. Both from loot midgets. Good night for me so far!! :smile:

I literally just got another one! A level 27 Skirmish Emperor. What the heck is going on??? This is awesome!!

OMG!! Believe me, I’m not bragging, I just cannot believe my luck tonight. Just killed Mortor and got a Level 26 Homing Pandemic. This is without a doubt my best B2 game ever for legendaries. Holy crap-o-la!

(GarethEU) #1211

good for you (sarcastic)
loot midgets have stupid high rates its nothing special to get drops and tbh nobody cares if you get some legs before endgame they arn’t going to last long.

(fabio) #1212

Increase of legendary drops without grinding BEFORE the level cap is what I want the most.

(Psmales) #1213

try borderlands 1 so easy to get

(Markandmelanie) #1214

Wow, I guess there is one on every board! :smile:

This whole topic is about legendary drops. Thought I’d share, so there’s no need to be immature. Thank you and have a nice day.

(Jessica Noire) #1215

Really, it’s awesome to get Legendaries without farming (much). They make your leveling a lot more interesting and unique. Just because they don’t last that long doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them for a while, no? Makes them great candidates of transferring to newer characters too.

(cronoz) #1216

Thats one of the problems of borderlands 2, without farming you only get very few flegendarys so farming is also quite sensless without needing them anymore.

that’s why i collected stuff on 50, 72 and OP. Because thus i can use them with other chars.

(Markandmelanie) #1217

Exactly! That’s how I see it too. And honestly, I’ve never had a run like that before. So, I thought I’d share. I’m trying to save most of my legendaries to transfer to other characters as well. :smile:

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Can’t be nice? Go to the COD forums, they love slagging (pun not intended) each other off.

(Neumeusis) #1219

I am doing a coop playthrought wit ha buddy, and it was awsome to get a legendary every 2-3 boss kill.
Make us feel really lucky and made him enjoy the game much more (whoaaa, a legendary from a boss ! Let’s try it !).
I my first playtrough with an other buddy, counting NVHM & TVHM, we found 3 legendary : one from a chest (next to Geary, a Thunderball Fist), one from a LLM (on the road to the Bunker, a Volcano) (both in normal) and ONE in the whole TVHM playtrough (a Delivrance from a surveyor).
That’s a little for so much time involved…

Ho, side note.
I must have killed Terramorphous a few HUNDRED of times (like more than 2) during the two last weeks of testing for a Hide. Found 3 Pitchforks. And that’s all.
No skins, no Terra named item. Cut completly my pleasure to play.
I’ll never farm again.
I will only finish my current coop playthrough and i’ll never touch Borderlands 2 again.

Tiny droprates kills the pleasure…

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(Ebc1973) #1220

That’s an awesome run! Glad to hear it! Forget that other dude. Truth is, no one cares that he doesn’t care!

(Ebc1973) #1221

Anyone notice a surge in e-tech weaponry since the legendary drop rates have been reset? Almost every chest I open has an e-tech weapon it seems.

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(How much time do we have?) #1222

During the tweaks, saw increased blue, purple, and e-tech for sure. Finds have been pretty good since the end of the drop rate experiment - also a fair number of e-techs popping up in red chest for me. Could just be a lucky run though.

(cronoz) #1223

I started creating funny named characters like “Storage 50” “Storage 72” and so on, then i farmed enough eridium for them to buy at least 30 storage slotzs and used them.

of course it is sad if a game that contains collecting loot has so few storage available :confused:

(Shure) #1224

“Sad” is one word you could use. “Dumb” and “poor planning” would probably be more apt!

(Ebc1973) #1225

Sad? Dumb? Poor planning? Why? Because we want more weapons/gear than the 78 allotted spaces will allow?

(Ebc1973) #1226

So help me out here to “plan” the best course of action. I have a wife, two boys, and a house to maintain. I have limited time to play.

I want a Skullmasher. With my limited time, should I plan to make a run through the preserve, battle through all that crap to get to Mothrakk in hopes that I get that miniscule chance of a drop, then a miniscule chance that if it does drop, it won’t fall through the floor?

OR, should I plan on opening chests instead, and hope that one randomly shows up in the next twenty years or so?

(Shure) #1227

yes. Because this is a loot based game and people want the chance to be able to collect loot! Just look at the threads with people willing to trade, or those where people are asking where to get xxx(insert weapon of choice here). It’s a complete no-brainer.

But in their infinite wisdom GBX have made it so there isn’t even enough space to be able to keep one of each type of Legendary, let alone decent Uniques. And considering that they went out of their way to create bosses with specific loot pools in order to help people to target specific gear if they wanted to, that seems extraordinarily short-sighted. So now we have people running multiple mules just to keep their gear, and what a pain in the rear that is.

Sad, dumb and poor planning are just the family friendly terms to describe that extremely bizarre decision.