BL2 and BL:TPS Legendary Drop Rate Increases! (4/9 - 5/13)

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your best chance for anything specific will always be their designated boss. But that doesn’t always match up with limited time to play, unfortunately. It can take more than a hundred runs, as I can testify when I tried farming BNK-3R. Be prepared for a potentially long slog!

(Ebc1973) #1229

My apologies. I thought you meant that it was the players who were sad, and planned poorly. I didn’t realize you meant the designers. I completely agree!

That being said, how hard would it be to transfer the Skullmasher to Bad Maw’s loot pool? He doesn’t drop anything specific, and he is worthy enough to sport a legendary, IMHO.

I know plenty of people who I could trade with or dupe with. But for me, I want to get it legit. It feels better to best a boss, and see that Orange line next to their corpse.

(Ebc1973) #1230

When the droprates were tweaked, I farmed every possible boss. Exceptions were Super Badass Varkids, Vermi, and Warlord Slog. I pretty much got everything, for the exception of Mothrakk. Of the five times I farmed him, one time I definitely saw Orange flying through the air, but a complete search of the arena turned up nothing! Not even ammo!

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Not the d-word!

I agree with that pool transfer idea. Not only is SoM’s area very glitchy, he also has a skin in that pool making the actual drop rate of the Skullmasher twice as bad. The walk there is massive without glitching too making it even worse.
(Legendary) Loot Midgets might still be the best alternative but they are unreliable for specific drops. On the plus side, you might get other awesome stuff and a few Pearls too.

(Shure) #1232

hey, no worries! My post was a bit short and I can see how it may have been misconstrued. I should have been more clear!

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In regards to Bunker and Terra, it literally took me over 300 tries to get the Baron and Boatmurderer heads for Sal. I was reverting to normal mode so I could 1-shot-kill them, and went nearly insane in the process. Can you imagine farming those heads in UVHM where it is a lengthy battle? Bunker was dropping Bitches and Shams like crazy during the tweaks, but those heads were more elusive than Jimmy Hoffa’s corpse!

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So you seem to have a decent job and thus have the money to buy games. You should be a good customer of borderlands games and thus be in the focus of gearbox. (sarcasm)

That is the problem with this stupid low droprate loot system. Those who are unemployed and only playing their games maybe have this time. But noone wit a normal job and even some familly business will ever have.

So gearbox is scaring away good customers from future games. Not a good idea. No applause please :smiley:

Even worse:

A) When do you need the weapons? right! while playing the game in normal, TVHM and UVHM.
B) When is Farming efficiant? At LVL 72 or OP8 and also a little at LVL 50. LVL 72 because
not everyone is playing multiplayer and a solo in digistruct peak is extreme difficult and who
ever did this without the help of other higher ranked characters is a gaming ace. And for those
who max out to OP8 collecting starts at LVL OP8. Why? Because from that Moment on the
gear does not wear out anymore.

So by having to farm a lot for them weapons means that you will not get them during the game
but instead afterwards. If you farm them during the game, they wear out so fast, they have
allmost no value.

For me, things that i can only use a short time have the name CRAP. :smiley:

And LVL 50? It is quite useful if you want to start some new characters. Then you can level
them up to 50 easyly in splitscreen (other char a gunzerker with 2 infinities shooting at marcus targets with a NON INCINIARY VERSION and if you enter gunzerking mode this way and glue the left and right trigger with some tape in the pressed position it is possible to gunzerk for hourses on those targets so game plays itself and next char is up to 50 in no time). :smiley:

(Ebc1973) #1235

I would LOVE the ability to start a brand new character in UVHM. Normal and TVHM or only good for casual players. I have three level 72 players that I want to run the Peak with, but the thought of grinding those campaigns makes me shudder. Getting back to Sanctuary at Overlook, dealing with Brick’s initiation, and subsequent mortar beacon run, and opening the doors to Hero’s Pass are SO time consuming, and just plain aggravating.

(How much time do we have?) #1236

Doesn’t avoid the necessity of running all the missions, but playing co-op or split-screen with a level 72 would certainly make getting through NVHM/TVHM much faster; then power-level to 72 and you have all the mission rewards ready to go at 72 to get your digi run off to a good start.

I actually started a 7th and 8th character a while back and, even solo, it was amazing how far and fast you could get with the BAR boosts from the previous 6 :smile:

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(Ebc1973) #1237

The thing is, I have all the level 72 gear I need for those characters. Any loot discovered during NVHM and TVHM is worthless to me. I can understand mandating that the initial character you create be made to go through all modes, but I get nothing out of playing them with a level 72 character. Everything dies in one shot with my DPUH, even in TVHM.

(King of the Loot Midgets) #1238

Personally, I enjoy the part at Thousand Cuts. On the other hand, Overlook and the WEP are my personal hells, and it took me two weeks to get up the courage to progress to Sawtooth Cauldron with my Normal mode Maya.

(How much time do we have?) #1239

You don’t even need a DPUH to one shot things - pretty much any level 72 will one-shot gut-splode NVHM enemies. I understand not enjoying two play-throughs per character doing that, though, which is why I just blew through the story as fast as possible. Having a whole bunch of different level gear to pass down also helped, since I was never under-gunned.

(We love too loot!!!!) #1240

Hey guys and gals any new news yet

(Jeffybug) #1241

Team is still digging into all of the data. I’d imagine we’ll have more info in the next few weeks, but don’t know for sure at this time!

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(Shure) #1242

it’s back to rubbish now, unfortunately. Been farming the treants for around 3 hours and no Bee shields. Previously only took me around 20 minutes to get one :disappointed_relieved:

(Psmales) #1243

been there once it took me 6hrs to dpuh from a torque vendor so I feel your pain

(Ebc1973) #1244

The reason I hate the Brick initiation so much, is during the last wave, where everything drops from the second floor, there is always a Goliath or a Midget that just won’t emerge, and just drags the time on and on and on.

I forgot WEP. I wouldn’t mind it at all if I could just run through. But there is that part right past the Creature Dome that you have to kill everything to get the Badass loader to open the doors, and the part where you have to kill all the Skaggs before the engineers will open the last segment. Those two roadblocks, coupled with Mothrakk’s glitched arena is why I gave up on the Skullmasher.

(Below 9000) #1245

Either throw a homing greanade up there, or get up on the stairs opposite and snipe the blighter!

(fabio) #1246

Just get in a trade. Skullmasher is probably the worst weapon to farm.

(Shure) #1247

that and Thunderball Fists!