BL2 and BL:TPS Legendary Drop Rate Increases! (4/9 - 5/13)

(Jessica Noire) #1269

Is it possible to do another Loot related Inside the Box article? The game has changed quite a bit since then (especially with the new rates) and it would help eliminate some myths that still float around nowadays.


(Mark) #1270

At last Borderlands* is the game it should have been.

Thanks for all the hard work and consideration you have given us loyal subjects … It is appreciated.

Now then, off to farm/restart/generally loon about/play/etc… Yahoo!!

Are you going to remaster BL1 by any chance? (and keep the GK door glitch in)



(Mark) #1271

Although …

Just did 3 WEP runs 3 x 4 = 12 midgets and nothing
and 4 Bunker runs and nothing
and 5 Warrior runs and nothing

So … Hmmm
(Yes I did restart the game, twice and reset XBox once before runs)
Will start another play-through with new toons and see how that goes.


(Deathslasher) #1272

I m really sorry, but i have to complain, maybe my steam acc. hasn t updated or so but i m currently farming Hype. for a Shock Norfleet in about 30+ runs he once dropped a WTF shield and like standard many taddlers evos and so on, but speaking of tripple the droprate seems for me really normal loot- droprate can t find any changes atm. I although thought with tripple doprate would be something around 10-15 kills for some legendary but, … no, or hopefully not yet. Like i said i m gonna check my steam, but normally B2 is always updated.


(Jessica Noire) #1273

I had a similar experience with him. Got a Shredifier on kill one but nothing else for another 49 kills at which point the PS3 froze.

However, he also drops the Kiss of Death, a blue unique, which unfortunately counts as a drop. Considering the amount of stuff that lies around it is very easy to miss it.


(Below 9000) #1274

If the new rate is around 10% you still have a lot of dry runs. Grab a d10 and roll it a few times and it won’t come up with a 10 all that often. RNG and all that. But, trying to roll a 10 on a d10 is still 3x better than trying to roll a 10 on a d30…


(Scuzzo) #1275

so far its coming out around 10% for me… but still lots of cruff… i got a Leg Mod from the loot train… but nothing from W for 10 runs… and i just dont like farming enough to run at it for 30 goes in a row… just not fun enough… but some dig it…


(as a mistake) #1276

Got 10 legendaries from the train in 15 runs, a Volcano from the warrior in 10 runs and 2 Skullmashers from Son of Mothrakk in 5 runs (too bad they were both underleveled). Weirdly, nothing from the midgets yet.

This drop rate is perfect. Pretty close to what I always wanted it to be. You’re still dependant on luck and need to spend some time farming, but it’s nowhere near as frustrating as it used to be. It actually feels very rewarding.

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(Psmales) #1277

by reading the comments above is seems to be a targeted update (on not popular bosses).yesterday tested the update it took me 21 kills to get infinity from mercy and 25 kills to get the laser from techworm


(Below 9000) #1278

Jeffybug explained above that the increase applies to all bosses and world drops. It’s not targeted to specific bosses :wink:


(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #1279

@Jeffybug I don’t know if you’d be able to but just so we can see later down the line is there any chance the way drop rates were changed could be shown since you have decided on the final outcome.

Something along the lines of;

  • Week 1 - X times higher drops than before
  • Week 2 - X times higher drops than before
  • Week 3 - X times higher drops than before

And so one since the testing is finished.


(How much time do we have?) #1280

Hate to be that guy, but Tector & Jimbo dropped me a Slagga on my first try last night. Granted, I didn’t get anything from either Gettel or Mobeley just prior to that (and only relics from the LLMs on three WEP runs before that…)

As a rough rule of thumb, if the drop rate is 1 in x, it’s not unreasonable to go 3x without seeing a drop; unlucky, yes, but not out of the realms of statistical probability. With a (now) 1 in 10 chance for the bosses, your results are within RNG expectations. It also means that, at some point, you’ll probably get drops in less than 10 tries. So still way better odds than the casino!

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(Jeffybug) #1281

I think we’re keeping that information hidden for now, but I can tell you that the end outcome was closest to weeks 1 and 5!


(Ps Webb) #1282

I’ve been farming Lee in normal mode for fun because he’s dropping between level 6-10 and the Torgue Machines don’t go below 15.
I now have a level 6 and a level 8 DPUH.

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(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #1283

Yeah I didn’t mean as in right away, I just meant say three to six months or so. Late enough down the line that the information doesn’t need to be hidden but recent enough that people can remember the pre and post patch game drops.

I saw the drop rate was between weeks 1 and 5, about 3X drop rate if what I’ve seen is right.

I must admit, week 1 felt quite nice for drops as a general thing, even the non legendaries felt a lot better for drop rates and such.

I think I had a run of seven or eight hails back to back when moonstone farming but that was probably more down to RNG being kind and the increase than just the increase alone.

Thanks for you time as well, much appreciated.


(Brak3000) #1284

You know that even the DPUH will become useless after you level up a few levels, and also Normal Mode isn’t difficult to even really need to farm for stuff so early. I’m just confused why people even bother at so low a level. just use whatever gun you can find without farming and cruise through the story



Does it also apply to drops such as the Blockhead from Creepers, the Twister from Ohmd-Ohmd-Ohk and other unique blue weapons? What about pearlescents or seraphs? Does the game treat them like legendaries or as their own things?


(Shure) #1286

I agree with you for the most part but I did find that guns lasted a heck of a lot longer in Normal mode than in later ones. Even on TVHM I had a Hammer Blaster that was still good some seven levels later.

I confess I did farm Knuckledragger as soon as I started my Maya character (and when I started TVHM and UVHM), because I knew it would help a lot against Bewm Bewm. But in general yeah, I’d say farming in Normal is a waste of time.


(Mark) #1287


I was trying to get a Bee shield or two for my low level characters, so I did a bit of Treant farming in Tina’s DLC
with my Lvl72 on Normal (it’s fun watching them explode!) …
After a few hours of mindless fun, I ended up with about 20 (yes twenty) The Bee’s …
One inflammable, one blastproof and the rest normal! (lvl 33 to 36)
Mostly from the two after the bridge on the left and the two that invade the camp at the end.

Not too shabby eh? :smile:

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(GarethEU) #1288

Notice for anyone that needs help and is still here. Inside this spreadsheet you will find every legendary weapon, the bosses that drop them and where to find the boss. Each legendary is also rated /10 and has the red text and effect listed, there is also notes on every weapon that detail synergies. The bosses will be named so obliviously there will be spoilers. Happy Hunting