BL2 and BL:TPS Legendary Drop Rate Increases! (4/9 - 5/13)

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after nothing running the loot train… i just got 2 bees back to back in the forest… ran 3 more times… nothing… not sure how the drop system works now… but that the first time i have tried to farm trees… seems the odds of a bee is way better then 1/10… got a volcano from the keep.

(Ps Webb) #1290

It’s about collecting.
I have 1000’s of items, and the low level gear is most rare.
And it’s fun every once in a while starting a new toon with a bunch of hand me downs.

(morrisd9) #1291

Wanted to thank you guys for doing this for us. I feel like the rates are perfect now, not too high, not too low. You can tell by the mix of mostly gratitude, with just enough whining In the replies to this thread. If the “why am I not getting a legendary within 5 tries” crowd stopped complaining, you’d know that the rates are too generous :smile:
Thanks again

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Are the drop rates on tps fixed too

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(Brak3000) #1294

Where do you put those 1000s of items? I agree that collecting is cool, but generally I try to collect 1 (maybe more if they come in elements) of each item that works well with a given character, and only at OP8. So all the cool sniper rifles for Zero, the smgs for maya, etc. I don’t need a lv7 dpuh, a lv8 dpuh, a lv9 dpuh, etc etc.

(Below 9000) #1295

Mules, one for each level item. It’s easy enough to farm eridium for them to upgrade their backpack/bank.
I have three separate profiles for mules - one each for Normal, TVHM and UVHM.

I’m only just getting into OP levels now, so I’ll have to make some OP mules now. Lucky I like collecting!

(Scuzzo) #1296

this may not apply to topic… but on sunday i had some free time to goof a bit in Tiny tina dlc… farmed Butt Stallion… took a whole 500 bits of Urid… but since i have not moved on to UVHM… i just spend it on BS… and i got a Legendary… when she gives a legendary its really kinda rude… she will spin around and then face away from you… and you can guess… now i have a reason to farm the W some more… did the drop rate apply to even BS? edit: did another loot pony run… 500 brick of urid… nothing… so… its more then a 100 to 1 odds im guessing for BS to toss a legendary… but handsome jack just gave me a CC… so the drop rates are better… like week 3… that was just too much charity…

(Graham Latter 2013) #1297

you lucky SOAB i need one for my krieg !

(Mikethemidget12) #1298

Who remembers that day in March 2013 when the Legendary drop rates were over 1000%? That was fun.


This doesn’t let me open the file after its downloaded

(DPredator) #1300

Is there any sort of time frame when this is included in a patch? Hot fixes are kinda useless for me, since I don’t have the ability to play online (don’t have internet where I live, but I can still get patches, by bringing my PS4 to my parents’ house and downloading the patches, then returning home)

(as a mistake) #1301

Does anybody know if the boss exclusive heads and skins are affected by the hotfix? I was hoping they would be, and at least from my post-increase experience with the Warrior and Son of Mothrakk they seemed to be, so I decided to go back to farming Terramorphous on normal mode for the elusive Shadaloo Stylish commando head. In only 20 runs I got 5 Pitchforks, two Blood of Terramorphous relics, a Hide of Terramorphous, a Flakker and a Breath of Terramorphous, but not a single head or skin. There’s definitely a noticeable increase in his legendary drops but he seems to be just as stingy as before when it comes to his exclusive customizations. Did anyone had a different experience with this after the hotfix went live? Hey, @Jeffybug, do you have any info on this matter that you could share?

(Tomhet) #1302

I’ve gotten several of his customization items recently, so I bet they are affected by the new drop rates. Even so, they are not very common.

(Shure) #1303

Farmed Pete for a Spell today and got two Refill Avengers - one a non-elemental and the other an Incendiary version. I also got a non-elemental Shredifier. The two Pearl bring my total to four in the last week of intensive play, which is exactly four more than I’ve had in the last 2.5 years! :smile:

(Jessica Noire) #1304

I doubt they will go into detail but I am 99% sure they do because they are in the Legendary Loot Pool. The chance to access this pool is 1:30 (or 1:10 now supposedly) and you will be rewarded with one item from which may be that head you are searching for. During the initial drop rate increases Saturn dropped skins like crazy (much to my horror). When GBX says that the Legendary drop rate has been increased they really mean that loot pool.

Terramorphous has 7 items (Breath, Teeth, Hide and Blood of Terramorphous, Pitchfork, Head and Skin. I don’t count Slayer because that one always drops) So whenever Terra decides to drop something you have another 1:7 chance for a head or skin. If it’s either you want it is 1:3.5. Terramorphous always gets two attempts on that pool so it’s not actually 1:10 (but not 1:5 either, that’s not how it works). So yeah, it’s still rather unlikely (Two attempts of 1:70 or 1:35 depending on what you want) but not nearly as insane as before.
How odd that Terra prefers to give you a random Flakker instead of any customization items though. Mean jerk.

I may try to test Terra myself as I never actually got any customization items before (or I did and I never noticed them as I got every other drop several times so it is seems unlikely that I never actually got at least one of them. I didn’t even know Terra’s skins are green until today!).

If any non-orange drops wouldn’t be affected by this change, orange drops would appear much more frequently than non-orange drops.

Also, if anybody’s wondering how I actually know all that stuff: GBX hinted at it here

Unlike most named bosses you actually get 2 rolls on the unique pool so you actually have a better than 1 in 30 chance of getting one of those special items.

Vermivourous now has a 100% chance for a Legendary drop, as stated by GBX themselves, but that may also be a Head or a Skin, which actually are Legendary for once, but only one of them, ever unless something else is a world drop.
Tubbies (as in UVHM, Chubbies in Normal and TVHM don’t drop all the time) follow the same rule. They always drop something but that may also be a Purple Skin or the Purple Cracked Sash. As such, they also count as Legendary drops technically.

Edit: I actually got Maya’s head on Kill 9 so there’s that.
Edit 2: Terramorphous XXIV dropped Maya’s Skin AND the Breath.
Final edit: Salvador’s Head and Axton’s Skin dropped too. Here are the results together.

(Scuzzo) #1305

got a UKH 53 level from lee… got a cracked shash from a chubby and skin of ancients… jack dropped me a cc with fire… and i got a cradle from the trees, slagga from dunks… so the rates have increased… but UVHM is still a beats… Pimzon just dropped off a transformer… so the drop rates are a bit more forgiving… but a loot miget run in WP came uo with nothing… 3 times through… got the slag audit from loot migets and the kerblaster from migmong… still cant get flynt to drom Fist… just an update… did some LLM in WP, got some low level baby maker, guitless, hornet, some nade mod, did lee and he dropped a UKH second try, ran the snow man, and got a COM for zerk,

(as a mistake) #1306

Thanks for the replies, @Tomhet and @BlackHeartV. I’m gonna keep pushing for it the next few days. Hopefully I’ll get it soon.


I had a couple friends who left there xboxes on for over 48hrs during this so they didnt lose the update. Marcus’ moment of insanity was what they called it if I remember correctly.

(Mikethemidget12) #1308

Yea it was crazy. Every enemy dropped a legendary. Drop Rates these days. That day you could find a conference call (best gun at that time) with perfect parts with no effort.