BL2 and BL:TPS Legendary Drop Rate Increases! (4/9 - 5/13)

I remember. Haven’t seen anything like it since. It was right before they increased the level cap from 50 to 61.

I remember it mostly because I completely missed it: read about it but, by the time I got home from work, it was fixed. Ah well…


I have been playing tvhm trying to get norfleet from hyperious but it never works has this been fixed

Even with the hotfix the chance to get a Norfleet from Hyperius is only 1:60 (formerly 1:180) so you can kill him over a hundred times without getting it (but other Legendaries including the Blue Kiss of Death) or you may be lucky and get one within 5 attempts, it’s all random.

Do u have one that maybe u don’t want if u don’t play just a thought…if u do play can u add me blueyez_13

Sorry, never really bothered to farm for those seriously.

Try asking over in the relevant section either here (XB1) or here (PS4).

(The only Norfleet I have is one a friend gave me after out-levelling.)

I have also been farming lee to no avail. After 20 plus kills no uh…

You will have runs like that the average is 1 in 10, or use to be 1 in 30. So just keep at it. 1 in 10 could mean you get it on the first or you could not get it for 100 or more runs.

You watch: you’ll probably get a couple in the next 5 runs or so!

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