BL2 and money (and ammo and vendors)

I’ve been thinking about something in BL2 that I hope will get improved in BL3: money (also ammo and how vendors function in general).

There are 3 ways to earn money:

  1. Killing enemies and opening containers spawns money randomly
  2. Selling items to vendors (this is the big one, obviously)
  3. Completing quests (At least some of them give you money. I honestly never paid attention to how much or do they all do that.)

Unless you are doing something along the lines of farming OP dragons the only way to make any kind of meaningful money in this game is to keep picking up items and then selling them to vendors.

There are also 3 uses for money:

  1. Resurrection penalty
  2. Buying ammo
  3. Buying equipment

There’s a pretty weird cycle going on here where if you don’t ever pick anything up and sell it, as you’ll eventually die more and more you’ll run into situations where you can’t buy ammo anymore (this has actually happened to me). But picking stuff up just to sell it is not very fun to do at the end game. While leveling it’s okay because you want to keep your cash up in case use #3 comes up and you run into something useful in a vendor but in the endgame that is very rare.

The game basically forces you to take up a garbage disposal job: pick up trash and go dump it inside a wastebin to earn a wage. If you screw up on the job (die) it’s taken out of your wage.

Another problem with this all is that it forces you to stop by vendors a lot because of the amount of inventory space can be kind of limited at times. And at least I’m not playing this game because I enjoy vendoring screens a lot.

After that longwinded decription of the problem there is a very simple fix: Instead of having an ammo vendor just have an ammo refill spot, free of charge. Basically would work like walking up to a vendor and pressing use and just like that your ammo is full.
No vendorscreen for bying ammo.
No vendorscreen where you go through all the stuff you have to sell.
Not having to pick up anything you really don’t need anymore.
Finally also gives us a “buy all ammo” button at the same time by replacing the whole process with it.

Another thing is the actual selling stuff part. It’s obviously still important in the game while leveling and it’s nice to have a lot of money for the rare chance that you see something you want to buy. The game has even implemented the solution, just really, really poorly. Favorite and trash items. You can sell all trash in your inventory with one button at the vendor but to do that you’d actually have to visit your inventory and mark every single item as trash individually which is just a lot more complicated and slow and defeats the whole purpose of it. But what if everything you picked up was automatically marked as trash? You could still sell items one by one if you wanted to. To make efficient use of it you’d obviously have to still mark favorites manually but when it comes to later stages of the game that’s something you’d have to do quite rarely. Heck, make the alternate use button when pressed facing a vendor automatically sell all trash to save vendor screen time again.

Compared to the current system these simple changes would

  1. Remove having to manually buy all the ammo you need
  2. Remove having to pick up trash to afford ammo
  3. Make disposing of the trash feel like way less of a chore

The only thing remaining is the fact that ammo vendors sell grenade mods and item of the day grenade mod. Now, I’ve never ever bought a non-weapon of the day grenade from a vendor. I don’t think anyone needs those at least with how the vendors currently are (selling almost exclusively crap). As for the item of the day it could be moved to gun vendors and have them sell 2 separete items of the day, one for guns and one for grenades.

I wish money was more useful and actually valuable in general but I really think that having to pick up and sell stuff to be able to use designated ammo refill spots is something that should not come back.

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I’ve rarely if ever bought ammo unless I was trying to cheese BARex with grenades- in that case I’ll do it to hurry the fight. As I also tend to be a bit of an OCD hoarder it really doesn’t bother me to open every container I come across and sell the contents- even in the middle of a fight (it’s hard for me to pass the vendors in Thousand Cuts even when being shot at by bandits :smile:).


Oh man, I am hooked on this the way some other people are hooked on farming gear. I have a real hard time leaving an area with anything blue or better (and green if it’s ~250k or more in value) behind. Some of my characters only have one available bank slot, and I will spend large amounts of time ferrying individual pieces of junk out like this (or I’ll drop a bunch of my gear to make the runs more efficient).

I love the UCP. :blush:

This is done in TPS, and I prefer this method too… hope they implement it in BL3.

Money makes more sense as you level up through the story/missions… I don’t think the economy was designed with the end game in mind, so I don’t fault them for that. When I get full, I dump it into the slot machines, and more often than not, a vending machine has an epic Item of the Day. Alternately, I’ll go beat my head against a raid boss and shed some money that way. :laughing:


A sell all non Legend and up button would be nice. As for ammo a fill all would save some very precious seconds…
Not sure about removing the ammo cost thou. Just make it faster and easier to sell trash and we’re good.
Almost never bought ammo before late in leveling up.
Once you have enough cash it’s just faster to buy the required ammo. Picking up an occasional valuable toy to cover the fee.

Outside some raid area. If you’re running out of cash in Bl2 I’m not convinced the game is to blame. :wink:


Borderlands is king of the loot/shooter genre so I think many obsessively enjoy grabbing everything that drops simply to resell at the vending machines. I agree it can get tedious and I wish there was a “quick sell” button that would unload all greens or lower at times.

On another note I wish vending machines sold gun accessories. Like if you wanted a blade for your Rubi you could purchase it. I don’t know how it would be setup…perhaps a blade for pistols only? Max level accessory like you couldn’t install a level 10 blade on a level 12 gun? I’d have same frequency and diversity as finding Class Mods in vending machines.


It is? Never noticed. That’s pretty great. Since you mentioned UCP, is this also available for BL2 with it?

Yep, that’s basically the porkchops of my post. It’s a weird situation where you’re never wanting for money until you really just don’t need it anymore but if you start ignoring eventually you’ll come across a situation where the designated refill spots suddenly stop working.

Well, obviously I ran out of money back then because I stopped caring about money at all before a point where I noticed it actually causes a wee bit of an issue when I still want to go into new areas with full ammo/grenade reserves. The blame is on me for trying to ignore a bothersome part of the game but it did make me wonder if all of this couldn’t just be done so much smoother.

Well, this is basically a late game issue since while leveling up keeping cash coming is a good idea anyway but I’m really curious do you guys regularly charge into mobbing areas with half of maximum reserves or something? Maybe it’s just my usual choises of weapons but it seems intriguing to me that you don’t refill your ammo to max at the start of areas if that is what this means.

This is another idea for money I’ve had for what it could be used for that would actually make it meaningful and impactful at the end instead of just forced. Put item in Grinder2.0, insert a truckload of money and get rerolled parts on it. Or something along those lines, it could easily be finetuned. Maybe make it so you could change one specific part only for an item and after that you can’t customize that piece anymore. That wouldn’t completely nullify farming, wouldn’t turn it into a dashboard grind and wouldn’t make me tear my hair out when that otherwise perfectly fine looking Pimpernel has a goddamn Hyperion scope on it :smiley:


How about they just go back to the way less annoying and grindy system of having widely available ammo regeneration that bl1 had? And 3x the backpack space that…bl1 had…and…ahhhh #€$× it I’m just gonna go play bl1. Seriously. Way to fix something that wasn’t broken gearbox

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Not in the stock UCP, but a piece you can add. I can point you in the direction of @shadowevil1996’s Discord, where I find these things if you’re not already familiar.

I think it was 2015 or something (can’t find the post now) where I mentioned this, though not a vending machine so much. When you “farm” bosses, they drop Eridium. If you don’t get the part set you want when their special drops, you can re-part it (and/or level it up) for the cost of some Eridium (I’d do this with Crazy Earl). Gearbox can do their own pricing, but I figure it should cost around the amount of Eridium you would get for the equivalent farming time to get another drop or two. This gives you the option of mixing up your combat if you get tired of working over the same boss repeatedly without a “shortcut” to the better piece of loot. Pandora still gets your pound of flesh, but you can mix it up a bit to the same end.


Nope- variety. While I do have my favorite weapons I try to keep at least 1 of every type of weapon on hand- even the generally crappy AR’s :grin: Between that and opening every container and picking up every weapon (for the weapon challenges) running out of ammo wasn’t a real issue…

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Not a chance (I even make it a point to top off when I’m done so I don’t have to think about it when I start the next time). Rockets are another thing altogether though (and I regularly buy them).

As someone who has been using every Unique weapon in the game (and a good variety of regular gear) for several years now, I find that mostly my Dahl Commando burns through the ammo at a rate higher than Pandora provides (and sometimes my Bandit Mechromancer if she’s leaning on the Chopper). I do open every single thing on my path though.

If I threw my Tediore gear more than I just shot them like normal guns, they might take the lead. Vladof might also be an issue if it wasn’t backed by Zer0 who augments much of that combat with melee and a lot of lethal crits. Torgue, Hyperion, Jakobs, and Maliwan are lethal enough given the combat conditions I set that unless I step into a map with a particularly bad loadout*, I might wind up buying one or two boxes when I’m done.

· When I pick up a mission, I plan my loadout to match, depending on the combat difficulty and weapon quirks for which I’m in the mood. Then I stick to it for better or worse. Since every manufacturer besides Bandit only makes four weapon types, I put one type of each into a weapon slot, so that may lend itself to stretching my ammo pools. It’s rare that I will go all pistol Zer0, all AR Axton, all SMG Maya or whatever, but in those cases, I will be nursing off the vending machines for sure.

As I think about the way I see many players using DP Harolds as their main, with a Pimpernel being used like an assault rifle (or BeeHawking where they use a Slagga for slag), I can see where ammo would be a concern.

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Where’s the fun in that? :blconfused:

I use my DPUH as my FFL weapon as it’s much easier to get one of those than a Norfleet (or even a Badaboom really…).

Basically no, never. I keep 'em full whenever I can.
In theory. (And most of the time.)
The game being generous when you’re running low on ammo I don’t care that much when mobbing in areas where I know I’ll get some or a vending machine is nearby.
I do occasionally let them go low just for the thrills.
While leveling up I was opening e-v-e-r-y containers. Call me old school.
So i was rarely below 90% in transition areas. Spent a few clicks on “refueling” just because. But most of my ammos came from kills and stash.

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This is kind of toon specific for me. My first generation of characters don’t usually run low, but a couple of the second generation, namely Vladof/Hyperion Gaige and Tediore/Torgue Axton, do. For the most part the game takes good care of me with ammo chests, but I usually top myself off when I first get to a map, leave a map, or happen to pass a vending machine.


To be honest BL1 ammo regeneration was just too good. BL2 and TPS regenerations mostly got it right where it helps but doesn’t play the game for you. My BL1 Mordecai runs Penetrators (if you’re unfamiliar with it think BL2 Droog) and the ammo regeneration is so mad that I could probably hold the trigger down 24/7. BL2/TPS style regeneration is appreciated and I do think there should be a bit more of that on a few more COMs but I honestly wouldn’t go back to BL1 style ammo regen.

I honestly don’t really see a problem here. We have a good sized bank and even the tools to swap gear between characters (THAT is something that should be expanded. 4 slots seriously?). The only reason I ever would need more inventory slots than BL2 gives me is because I need to pick up trash to sell.

If anything I’d appreciate better inventory sorting. Was there even an option for “show only favorited gear”? Sure would make switching loadouts faster. Or a tick box for never show favorited gear in vendors would go a reaaaally long way. Not to mention never show equipped gear. With those 2 I could at least mash my way through it without worrying about selling something I don’t want to. Now that I think about it having those 2 things able to be ticked in options would go a really long way to solving the whole thing I have a problem with here.

Not really related to what I just said but BL1 inventory space was really stupid in how playthrough 2 you had to dashboard farm the claptraps until they gave you the right reward. I didn’t even know you could get double rewards on my first max lvl character. I’m not quite sure if all that space was even supposed to be there in the first place. And please don’t take this personally. I’m just disagreeing with you.


I see your point, and no…nothing personal. The beauty of bl1s system is- you could choose to not use it. Yes I’m quite familiar with penetrators ( and every other gun in bl1) and yeah it might seem OP to just have infinite ammo…or on an anarchy with a 13.8 fire rate that I can shoot for 3 solid minutes before the rof beats the regen…but you don’t have to use those coms. In bl1 the coms come in 3 material grades just like the guns…with an optional bonus or no bonus on the 5th line at all. Point is its a choice. And don’t get me started on the menu screens of bl2… (shudders)…

AMEN! takes forever to organize gear amongst mules and active characters.