Bl2 and TPS xbox 360 cross save upload failed

well my problem is all in the title. just one question do i need gold to upload my save? because if i do that is the dumbest thing ever. i am not wasteing 10-20 dollars to use gold for 1 day

Unfortunately I believe the answer is “yes”, because of the way cloud sync works on 360. You may want to see if you can take advantage of one of the free on-line play weekend promotions that MS seems to be running.

You could also see if you qualify for a cheap 1-month trial:

Or you could take a chance on something like this:

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i did have gold for a while but since we moved and our internet connectivity speed has drastically decreased. decreased as where were at we can only get satilite internet. i kinda didn’t see the need for gold since i no longer could play online, so i unsubscribed plus i already did the free trial when i got the xbox a while back when i first got the thing