BL2 Backwords compatability GOTY DLC issues

Since it came to GWG I decided to come back to BL2 but as my xbox 360 no longer works it is now on my Xbox One. I have the GOTY edition and downloaded all the DLC from it. When i start the game up I have it all installed fine and can pick any character. When i get to the fast travel station I can pick the DLC area’s (the ones I haven’t got have a * next the them)

When i come back to the game, it says it can’t load my kreig because I don’t have the DLC. Then it says all but Mecromancer and Ultimate Upgrade Pack are not installed, despite them still being on the system itself. The only way I’ve fixed it is by uninstalling and reinstalling but I’m sure you can see why that’s not an option everytime.

Is there anything I can do? Is it something that could get patched? Do I just have to suck it up and get the Handsome Collection? While I was going to get this anyway, I’m holding off because A friend of mine recently got into BL2 on his 360 and I was going to have a playthrough with him. Can HC cross play with friends on 360? (I doubt it but I have to ask)

Edit: For Mechromancer and Ultimate Upgrade Pack, when I go to details from “manage game” and it takes me to the shop, it says “This product is installed” but all others say that plus “You can used this app for now, or buy it to own forever” with the big “Buy it now” button below, despite all coming from the GOTY disk 2

This I can answer, and the answer is unfortunately “No”.

If I’m understanding your original problem correctly, you put your GOTY BL2 disk in to trigger the digital download of the backwards-compatible version of BL2. Then you played as Krieg, saved and quit. When you resume playing the digital version, it complains about missing DLC for the same save file? When you re-launch, do you do so by directly launching the digital version of the game, or by inserting your GOTY disk?

I had a kinda similar issue. I started a new Zero on the GWG download of BL2. Started it up again and it said my save was unobtainable. I reset the Xbox and there it was.

Another option. Did you check to make sure all the dlc was actually installed and not just in queue?

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Ahhh, that is very helpful. :acmaffirmative:

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I had been wondering where all my dlc was when I downloaded the game. Found it all sitting there waiting for me to push a button.
Hopefully this is the OPs issue as it’s a quick fix.

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It’s definitely and XB1 issue. that damn queue. I actually forgot about that. Depending on your xb1 settings, updates could just be queued up and not installed. Very helpful. Thanks @Kitty_Jo

I have done both digital start and with the disk in and had the same issue.

Made sure it was all installed before I even loaded the game. I had started playing it first as Kreig.

Not sure then. You might want to look into clearing the 360 cache on your XB1. You might want to also just double check the update queue, just in case. Other than that, all I can suggest is putting in a support request.

Definately nothing in the update queue. I’ll try clearing the cache and if nothing happens I’ll report it.

Thank you

I am running into a similar problem. I downloaded the GWG version of Borderlands 2 onto my Xbox One. After it downloaded, I found MOST of my content in the queue waiting to be downloaded, such as all of the Headhunter Packs as well as certain skin packs that I had downloaded previously onto my 360.

Unfortunately, access to Gaige, Krieg, and all of the map packs involved with the Season Pass are unavailable for download. These items currently have a “Buy” option instead of the standard download function, and there is no way that I will make that purchase a second time (4+ years later).

Thankfully I still have my Xbox 360 and have been able to access all of this content there, but it is a huge pain not having the entire Season Pass when all other DLC showed up. I have 2 copies of the disc, put a ton of time and money into the game and would love to get back into it on my new console.

I contacted Microsoft support and they ran me through a process to clear my persistent cache on the XBONE (which is less than a month old) and complete a hard reset. Neither of these were effective at resolving the issue in game or in the download queue.

Any help would be appreciated!


I’d suggest filing a support ticket with GBX then. There may be an issue with what’s included with the GWG, or it may be that the DRM for the GWG version got messed up. If you had purchased the season pass on 360, then you should in theory get all the season pass content with the GWG, but that’s actually quite a few items.

Link to file a support ticket is on this page - note that it may take a day or two to get a human response, depending on ticket volume:

Please let us know what happens!

I got my Krieg and Gaige working no problem via the GWG download so there’s no issue there.

Any chance these were purchased via another account on your 360?
(No idea if that would make any difference, but eh, dosnt hurt to ask)

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Had that problem with Fallout 3, until both accounts had launched the GWG version on the XB1 and kicked the queue.

Seems a bit odd though, because didn’t the GWG version of BL1 include everything? Not sure why the BL2 version would actually be any different.

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I honestly have no idea if the BL1 version had everything.
As for BL2, I just assumed it was the vanilla game. Not the whole deal. That just seems too good of a deal. But hey. Could be wrong.

I had the GOTY disk, don’t think I’d purchased any of the DLCs separately. And the GWG version has all the DLCs (Underdome, Dr. Zed, Knoxx, Robolution). Not sure what’s in the BL2 GWG by default - I’d already picked up HC on sale, so I’m not going to add the GWG version on top of that.

@JoeKGBX - Any chance you could confirm what is and isn’t included as standard in the Games with Gold BL2 version?

Found this

From the article

From March 1 through March 15, Xbox 360 owners will be able to download Borderlands 2. As with all new Games With Gold picks, it’s also fully playable on Xbox One, but doesn’t contain the enhancements seen in the Handsome Collection version of the game, nor does it pack in any downloadable content.

So no. DLC is not included.
But any you have purchased from the same account should be added accordingly.

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That’s presumably why they get queued as updates. OK, making sense now.

Had the same problem the past two days and just figured it out. Put in the GOTY DLC disk (not the game disk) and restart your XBONE. When it loads your DLC will too. I assume it has something to do with the GWG not being GOTY to tie in your access to your DLC but then the game disk for the GOTY doesn’t resolve either (tried that first). Hope this helps!

I have a similar problem. I have the add on content disc, and have installed everything on the disc invluding updates for the game itself, but the only accessible dlc are Mechromancer and those that I’ve previously bought on 360.