BL2 challenges has bug

Hello Every one

I finally finished Axton OP10 and all main/side quests, 287 in total on that level and it was a great game truly , thanks .

so I went back to play normal or TVHM so I get all PS4 trophies easier

but I get stocked with trophy called (challenge accepted) where it has a bug in 4 of the challenges which it didn’t count correct

the trophies list

The challenges never go to level 2 see photo

there is one more I think called (Heal plz) deep down

I am afraid that I do the same with another character then this happen again. The trophy must be all challenges (level 1 finished or more) in single character.

for more info I deleted the game and install the CD then the update then commander lilth DLC, yet when I started again and add the old save of Axton, no changes and still the DOT still on level 1 with millions.

please advice,


You need to start over by resetting all challenges or on different character, there is no other fix.

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I expected so, but shall I delete all save files specially the profile so it will be fully clean from the beginning?

Don’t think that’s necessary, just do backup saves and watch those challegnes just in case. I think they can bug at higher levels when you do more damage, so try finish all challenges at lower levels.
The most problematic are shotgun and launcher kills iirc.

Ok thanks

I achieve them all 1+ in Maya thanks with the same profile.

but remain for the trophy the Jimmy Jenkins challenge I cannot find him ( I know the 4 boxes in wild life) I am writing this after full day trail of those boxes or I should try the Boxes only in UVHM? as I am only TVHM

After 1.5 day farming finally I catch him (same 4 Boxes)

Thanks to all