BL2 Christmas Wish List

Wonder if Borderland’s Santa could put some Christmas gear on his badass sleigh…maybe get it in some Elf treasure runs over the holidays? I have a fire Sand Hawk, Barking Pimpernel and a corrosive Bee on my wish list. Just 3 things… :santa:t2:

How about Gearbox releases some nice weapon shift codes? Little things like the Twister and Bekah. Could really make my festive season more festive. hint hint

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Buff pearlescents.

I’d like a Hotfix that dresses Loot Midgets like Elves with increased drop rates for pearls either just for the day or for Mercenary Day weekend

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That Twister is the black swan of BL2. A real Texas twister is more likely to show up before that one.

Imagine putting a badass snowman down for Small Tim and the Gingerton train shows up with cases of Twisters, Sand Hawks, Bees, Pearlescents, Quasars - and Loot Midget Elves running around on a Mercenary Christmas Day.

Back to work…

I think Gearbox should go to my Brother-in-law’s place and run some cable lines up there so I don’t have to play on his satellite-internet-hosted sessions. Reminds me of when I first start playing games online with dial-up.

But honestly, I think it would be nice to have an LLM invasion where they’re guaranteed to pop out of every box. Think of the chaos for people that don’t read the forums!

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Legendary Loot Midgets popping out of Christmas boxes in Gingerton with a train load of weapons from missions you can’t replay…:smiley: