BL2 cloud saved characters not loading

My game froze i restarted it then I was lvl 1 and on the first mission I still have my cloud save for Maya but it won’t load can anyone help me find out how to load?

What platform are you on?

Xbox 360 backwards compat

Ok moved you to the right section. It’s been a long time since I played on the 360!

Just to check, if you hit ‘Y’ (select character) at the main game menu, are you able to select your Maya character or not?

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Anytime i press it it says to create a new one but I checked my storage and I have the back up

That’s honestly not a good sign. I’m not 100% sure of what you can do at this point. It sounds like the local save may have been corrupted and there was no backup file for the game to recover from.

If this was the XB1 native version, I’d suggest quitting the game and forcing a resync from the cloud backup. I’m not sure what the best way of doing that with the b/c version of the game is, though.

You could try filing a support ticket; given the holidays, however, I doubt you’d get a quick response.

Ok on my Xbox one i also couldn’t boot borderlands 3 and I was getting a hardrive error so that could be why

Ouch. That does not sound good. You may be able to recover with a power reset or, failing that, a factory reset. If the drive is going though…

Ok thanks for the help!