BL2 co-op on evening time of European time zone

I would like to find adult co-op friends on XBOX ONE. I live in EET(UTC+2) time zone. My gaming time is usualy around 9 PM local time. My voice chat options are Finnish and English.

My GT is JohaOfEarth in case you are interested. Please send me a message letting me know you are looking for BL2 co-op if you add me.

I would be interested myself, but my character is underleveled (think it’s 8) so I’m unsure if you were looking for someone a bit stronger… I have played and completed most of BL2 so I should have knowledge of most of the game (and SOME of the DLC) if that helps.

Anyway, add Darawindor as a Gamertag if you do need me to join tomorrow or when I get adequately leveled up.

Currently my character levels are following: Salvador OP7, Maya OP4, Axton OP1, Gaige 70, Zero 56 and Krieg 50. I am interesting in to find nice co-op friends and I may start even fresh character if agreed. I did add you to my friend list.

Cheers! I’ll add you sometime tomorrow. Roughly 7 or 8pm (UK GMT) is when I get online most of the time anyway, so see you ingame!

I have all 6 chars on OP8, another 6 on lvl 72 plus a melee Zer0 on lvl 54 which I’m focused on right now. I play mostly in evenings. I’m in GMT zone.

Hi, ryuhayabusa. Which Xbox platform you are (360/One)? I saw some of your posts in Xbox 360 forum side. I do have Xbox one version of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. I have understood that I am not able to co-op with players of Xbox 360 version. What is you GT in case you have Xbox one version? I tried out ryuhayabusa (no match in search) and Yap (player with no games) user tags but no luck in friend search of Xbox server.

I’m on X1. My gt is DARKERRYU. Sorry, forgot to add it.