BL2 Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary

I downloaded and installed the DLC on both my xbox one and xbox one s and it shows installed in the install queue, also shows installed on the microsoft store, but it’s not appearing in the BL2 add ons page, and also not showing up on the fast travel. Any thoughts?

Any update on this? I am experiencing the same problem. I have BL2, installed the texture pack because I thought that may be the issue. Still can’t play this.

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Any pending title update showing via Games & Apps?

Do you have the Handsome Collection? As I understand that is required for this DLC. I have a copy of BL2 for Xbox 360 and was super disappointed to see that you can’t just install that on Xbox One and get the new DLC.

I am experiencing the same problem. Currently play bl2 360 version of the game on my Xbox one s. I downloaded and installed the dlc no problem but it dosent show up anywhere in game or in games/apps section either. I have all dlc,s for bl2 and all missions complete.

Same issue here… I really hope they manage to fix this before July 9th! It feels so unfair to have been playing this game since the beginnig and now not being able to play the new DLC because I own the 360 version!


No pending updates whatsoever. The new installed DLC doesn’t even show up under all of the BL2 DLC I actually have been able to play. Instead, it is listed under ‘Leftover add-ons’ wich doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me.

So far I haven’t found a fix for this either. Very frustrating since I’ve played Borderlands since it came out and I’ve not see this kind of issue at all with any of their DLC. I will not be happy if I have to buy The Handsome Jack collection just to get this. Hopefully this can be looked at and fixed soon!

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I figured it out last night. It’s as another reply above said. I had the xbox360 version of BL2 as I played it on my 360. When I got my One, It was available to install on the One since I already owned it. I have been playing it just fine on my One for years with no issues, and even downloaded and installed the DLCs and played them.

When I downloaded the new Lilith DLC, it wouldn’t show up under addons for the BL2 360 game but still showed that it had installed “somewhere”. I went ahead and paid the $9 for the handsome collection as it was on sale as a last ditch effort. Bingo! It installed the new version of BL2 (without saying xbox 360 on the tile for the game). Now I have 2 versions of BL2 installed. and the new BL2 showed the Lilith DLC under addons without having to reinstall it.

I had to start up the 360 game, save my characters to the cloud one at a time, go into the One version of the game, download that character, rinse and repeat.

One good thing about the new version, is it gives you 75 golden keys and a bunch of extra badass rank (and a few skins I didn’t care about).

Just make sure you upload/download your characters before you go into a game on the One version, so that it gives you your old badass rank plus the free rank points. If you go into a game first, your old rank points may not add to what they give you free.

Hope this helps someone. Worth it for $9 since it also comes with BL2 and the Pre-Sequel, even though I already owned both.

I’ll leave the 360 and One versions of BL2 on my console for a while, until I decide I’m not missing anything I had saved on the 360 version. The graphics are even smoother on the One version.


Another thing, My wife plays on one of our xbox one consoles. When she uploaded/downloaded her character, she was missing some items. She just redid the upload, and when you download you do “save to new” instead of overwrite. She had her items all back again and deleted the first save. Check your gear!

That is NOT a fix! They clearly stated that you didn’t have to purchase anytihng if you already have either game. You just got impatient and spent your money.



" Requires Borderlands 2 or Borderlands: The Handsome Collection to play."

This is an or condition. I own Borderlands 2. At that point, Handsome collection should not be necessary.


I’m far from satisfied if I have to buy the handsome collection as well!

I never said it was a fix. It’s just what I did to get to play the new DLC. I shouldn’t have had to pay the $9, and maybe they’ll fix it to where owning the 360 version let’s you download and install the One version for free, soon? Who knows.

I never tried to just redownload BL2 if you already have the digital version of BL2 360. Maybe you should try that?

Don’t shoot the messenger. I came back to explain how I got it working, which most people don’t do on their original posts.

Good luck folks.

I’ve tried reinstalling the DLC already, but not BL2 itself. Will give it a shot tomorrow and keep updating to this forum :slight_smile:

Look in the store, if you go to BL2, and it says you own it, and doesn’t have the xbox 360 on the side of the picture, try installing just that.

The DLC is already installed, you don’t need to do anything there. I didn’t. It showed up once I got the xbox one version of BL2 installed (as part of the handsome collection) but hopefully you can just reinstall the One version by itself because you own it. I did too, just got impatient and didn’t try that, because I didn’t know that was the problem that there were 2 versions.

I sort of found a free way. Had an old one month free game pass in another game. Handsome collection is free there. Had to make sure all bl2 additional content was installed before my characters uploaded correctly though.

I’m having the same issue. I’ve found if you go to the downloadable content option in game and select this DLC and then scroll down into the information about it eventually you will get an x prompt to install, only drawback is that I have had to do this each time so I am hoping that this is fixed soon. Following for any other information.

Yeah, in the same position as well, only ever played BL2 on the 360 (69/69 achievements) and would love to play this via backwards compatibility without having to purchase Handsome Collection.