BL2 Community Patch On Consoles?

Hey there folks, I just was wondering if there was actually a chance for this to happen. I’ve been recently replaying through a playthrough of Krieg and realized that I can’t farm for the Flame of the Firehawk shield. However, I heard of the Community Patch and was wondering if that was able to come to console so I could actually farm it (among other things, of course) or if there is no chance of that happening, so I know I’ll have to restart my missions once I start getting into UVHM.

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No chance on consoles, because it would require violating the terms of use for both Sony and Microsoft. The only way it could be remotely possible would be if Gearbox decided to go the Bethesda route and negotiate an official modding platform with the console manufacturers. That seems rather unlikely, all things considered.

thankfully no chance of that cheating crap being on console

Why would that violate terms? (Just asking because I’m curious)

Cheating crap? In what way? It is mostly just a lot of fixes for stuff that should would, like pearls actually working better.

Because it would require installing 3rd party software that would then modify the game data, and that’s expressly forbidden since that’s how cheats for competitive games would also work. Plus, the 3rd party software would almost certainly not have gone through console manufacturer certification and approval, so getting it on the box in the first place would also require forbidden shenanigans.

I kind of see where @fredbedmo is coming from on that. In the big picture, the restrictions are to stop things like aim-botting and map-hacking in competitive games. Obviously, changing stats on a gear item in solo play doesn’t really affect anyone else, and even in co-op it’s mostly benign. Some people feel that it cheapens the effort required to get those rare items though. The real problem for on-line co-op games like BL2 and TPS is when someone abuses the game in such a way that it has negative effects for other players. Google “Borderlands 2 virus” to see how bad it can actually be.

Makes sense. Thanks for the info :smiley:

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