bl2 constant cutscene crash

Hi guys,
I have over 130 hours on borderlands 2 and finished most of the game a while ago.
however, i want to play again because recently my friend bought the game. unfortunately whenever i experience a cutscene such as the cutscene when you meet Zed for the first time, my game freeze and hard crashes.
does anybody know any fix as it would be much appreciated.
i am playing on a mac and playing through steam.

i have 3 method to solve this problems

first,that the problem has something to do with switching between playing the movies and the game taking over, you could try disabling the startup movies. Right-click on BL2 in your Steam library, select Properties, click “Set launch options” on the General tab and enter


while you’re there, you could also tell Steam to skip the launcher. Just add -nolauncher (put a space in between the two options).if this not solve the problems do the next method.

Second,set Physx to low

third,(DO THIS METHOD IF YOU NO OTHER CHOICE) open your borderlands 2 files and type on search “zed” you gonna found 3 files who mentioned zed, just delete or cut(i suggest cut). if marcus or scooter crash too, just do the same.