BL2 crash (CE-34878-0) and corrupted data

After reinstalling BL2 and using yet another Maya lvl 80 to enter DLC The Campaign of Carnage, my game kicked me out saying it is a (CE-34878-0) problem with the game. After restarting the game I find yet another character corrupted…

This has gone beyond a problem for mer now, I can’t accept that a game I have played since release now is useless. The amount of hours I spent on these 4 corrupted character saves makes this a horrible experience!

I have a PS4 Pro and my hardware has no traumas, I have done every single step recommended, so what is the problem here…

Not an acceptable issue this need to be sorted out!

What steps? Did you tried Rebuilding Database?
For future you may copy your saves on USB drive.

I’m sorry that your experiencing these problems.

Unfortunately, the error code only tells you what you already know - that the game crashed for some unknown reason. The problem appears to be that this is often related to an error while reading or writing to disk (hence corrupted save files).

The 2K info page on this just repeats what’s already on Sony’s troubleshooting pages, and I’m guessing you’ve already done all that.

If this is only happening since the 4K texture upgrade, all I can suggest is filing a support ticket for a potential bug. As GrzesPL says, I would strongly recommend maintaining your own personal backups on USB. If you do this, make sure you also back up the profile file in the same directory as that contains your heads, skins, BAR, etc.

Download uploaded save from PSN, rebuild database and finally reinstalled the game. I make backups by uploading my profile and creating a copy of a character I’m currently playing, but I can’t do an failsafe after every mission hoping it will keep from crashing and erasing hours of progress… This is only since the new upgrades and only for this game!