Bl2 crash/freeze at check/save points ps4

I’ve been playing bl2 off and on since it first came out on ps3. playing handsome collection on ps4 now. Now I can’t play at all it crashes every time somebody hits a checkpoint or when the game saves. it does this worse online but also does it in single player mode. I have deleted and reinstalled the game a couple of times and even deleted my profile data. I really like the game it’s kinda my go to time killer. Anyone have any ideas?

This comes up periodically on all platforms. It is often (I’m tempted to say always) a disk issue. Note that the check points typically have a New-u station (similar to a Fast Travel but without the travel), so the first person unlocking it will also trigger a save. I would suggest checking how much free space you have on your PS4, and maybe checking to see if there’s any kind of diagnostic tool on the system. The folks at the official support desk may have some other ideas you could check out.