BL2 crashes on PC after ~4 hours of playing

Had this issue happen 3 times so far, twice last sunday. Every 4 hours (approx.) the game will crash to desktop saying that “BL2 has encountered a problem etc.”.


i7 - 4790k
16gb DDR3 1600 RAM (2 sticks, dual channel)
Crucial SSD at 500+ read/write
Windows 7 SP1

Only game that does this. Also noticed I get FPS drops at Thousand Cuts or where there are a ton of robot corpses (ie Overlook). FPS drops meaning 100+ to 50ish. Enough that I notice the screen go from fluid to slightly choppy (have AOC 144mhz monitor).

Any ideas on the crashing to desktop? I’ve already turned the Physx down to Low (don’t even notice a difference from High honestly) and that seemed to help the Thousand Cuts issue but not completely fix it. Also verified game files on Steam. For what its worth, I did not have a crash during 3.5 hours of straight playing last night.

Hi avwandle…This also keeps happening to me too. We both have decent specs, so there should not be a problem, but this keeps on happening and it`s really annoying especially when running through Digistruct peak. I have been robbed of a level on many occasions due to this blip in the game.
I hope someone on this forum can help us…Please!! :confused:

Went through a 2 hr ordeal of repairing steam files, restoring just to have a buggy game. Worked fine Saturday. Shut down and fired up today around 6. Nothing changed. No updates no hardware or software changes… the game freezes and I’ve got to unplug my pc to exit. STOP BREAKING MY GAME!!

How many us is this happening to, I`ve been playing for about four hours today, and guess what? Yep! its done it again, game freezes so I have to reboot my PC. This is so F…ing annoying its now beyond a joke, yet another lost or to be precise robbed of another OP level :rage:

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I seemed to have fixed my issue by verifying game files with steam. Played approx 7 straight hours on Saturday with no crash. If your entire PC is freezing (ie cant close the game client through task manager or alt-tab out of it to desktop) it may indicate something wrong with the PC and not the game.

Edit: to clarify my issue: the game client crashed. I could alt-tab out of it and still go to desktop and operate my computer normally without restarting the entire PC. I was back into BL2 within 15 seconds of the game client crash. Verifying game files within steam did wonders. My entire PC did NOT crash.

Mine didn’t crash… it froze. Works fine for about an hour. Every time I restart I verify steam files and there’s 1 that it has to reacquire. None of the other 26 games are having this issue. Tonight I’m going to backup my save file, uninstall and reinstall the game and see if it fixes it.

Aight… Fixed mine. Cut and pasted my save file for BL2 (and all my other games) to a folder on my desktop. Downloaded Revo Uninstaller (it’s a free trial and I’ve used it to do a clean uninstall for iTunes when it messed up on me a few yrs back) and used it to uninstall Steam. Reinstalled Steam last night, let all my games d/l today and replaced the save files… Everything works flawlessly so far. I dunno if it was a Steam issue freezing the game up or what so, I’ll retract the nasty remark I made the other day if I can get a free t-shirt.

Verifying the game cache is recommended, but they added this little caret in “Note: Files may fail to verify. This is normal and can be ignored.” So I sat here like an idiot for about an hour verifying files. :blush:

Hey Mally_T I know this is on old post, but I just bought borderlands for my pc and this same thing has happened to me twice. Both times about 5-6 hours into playing. And both times the only thing I could do was turn my computer off corrupting my saves. I was wondering how you fixed the problem

Hi there danielpauley0…Geeez! this was so long ago, and to be honest I really cannot remember what I did to resolve the situation. I`m sure at one point I uninstalled, and reinstalled the game on Steam, also I may have been running Windows 8.1 way back then, and I know I had a lot of issues with that OS. Since being on Windows 10, and upgrading my PC a tad, I have had no issues what so ever, in fact Borderlands, and Borderlands 2 both run buttery smooth. I am sorry I cannot be of much help to you here, but maybe some of the other replies on this topic might be helpful.
Anyhoo, I do hope you get it sorted, as I know this is one of the joyful frustrations of playing on PC…Good luck with it!! :+1:

Totally understandable. Thank you so much anyway. Guess I’ll just finagle with it :confused:

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I used and to troubleshoot a crashing issue I had when I first got back into this game last month.

I have a similar system setup to the original poster except for a GTX 970. - This helped immensely

I also locked my fps at 72 since leaving it unlimited can cause issues and my monitor maxes out at 60hz.

Good luck.