BL2 Crashing after select Character

Recently, I had problems getting VIP rewards (still haven’t received), I put in a ticket for that. I played the game this morning without an issue. I came back this evening to play BL2 and noticed first thing that my latest character was not on the opening screen. Only Claptrap. Then, it only had NEW at the top of the game list. I also noticed that my ID chrishazzoo, was replaced by AXTON. I went to the character menu, selected my Axton character for TVHM and CRASH. WTF?

Had you downloaded the Commander Lilith DLC? Is it still installed? Did you do a “verify files” in steam?

I verified files, said it needed to reacquire a file, it does not say what file. I don’t believe this is the issue. I had played this morning without any issues (except I still haven’t received my VIP rewards). When I went to play just a bit ago, my screen came up without Axton showing, just claptrap. Under my ID which should be chrishazzoo, it said Axton, level 1. I did a little more troubleshooting, and discovered an online session is not being created at all. But I have been without internet before and my game still starts up properly. When I try to access the shift menu, it says I must have xbox live logged in or something, I am on PC. When I go to the downloads, it says I must have steam open. Steam is logged in and open. Something changed since this morning. I have never had this error before.

The game crashes after select my character under character select then click on continue. Sanctuary load screen comes up and than fatal error. I am going to try to read the fatal error see what I can come up with. I verified the files again, again it said 1 file will be reacquired. Attached is the fatal error report that came on screen, will also cc gearbox support since I have an open ticket with them.

Last, I had Commander Lillith downloaded when I orignally got the game. I played through that DLC over the weekend, but have since played regular BL2 normally.

Something is obviously very wrong! I could understand that coming up if BL2 was a “Play anywhere” title, but I don’t see it listed even on the “possible later” list so that can’t be it.

Not sure what to suggest. Did you notice updates to anything (system, steam client, drivers, game) between when it was working and when it wasn’t?

What about your shift account - had you linked it to anything besides your Steam account?

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I think the xbox message is just a lazy programming error, perhaps just automatically selected? When I attempt to open downloads, it won’t connect to steam and says “you must be connected to steam to access”, this is with steam open and logged in properly. So, it appears one menu item is checking on steam, and the other is just broken. This is so strange. I do have a ticket in for not getting my VIP rewards and the only thing that may have changed is the fact it was passed to whoever could add the items to my account manually. I have been checking any and all files that may have been modified today. What fun. Wish me luck.

I had exited steam and restarted it, to no avail. But, then I restarted my computer. I opened steam again and it worked. What concerns me is why wasn’t my game file available if steam wasn’t properly working with the game? It works now. I will stop questioning it now. It may have been a windows update thing that freaked steam out. That is why I restarted my computer.

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When the game launches, it does some DRM checks. If any of those failed for any reason, and they happened to be for content beyond the base game, any saves involving that content would be marked “unavailable”. It sounds like the Windows update messed up the checks (which would happen with with the Steam client) somehow. All very weird, but apparently turning the PC off and on again does actually do the trick sometimes - who knew!

Glad you got it sorted, anyway.