[BL2] [Custom] 4th Skill Tree for Gaige the Mechromancer (METAL GUARDIAN)


Shared Interests 0/5
When you score a kill, Deathtrap gains 5% health.
When Deathtrap scores a kill, you gain 5% health.

Metallic Hand 0/1
Each time Deathtrap gets a kill, you gain 1 bullet for each gun type.

Stampede of Pain 0/5
-5% Reload Speed
+3% Movement Speed

Built to Last 0/5
Enemies preferentially target Deathtrap.
Deathtrap gains +20% Max Health.

Unyielding Duty 0/1
+1% Health Regen per second while Deathtrap is active

Hot Iron Strike 0/5
Kill Skill. You deal +8% damage for 5 seconds.

Bruise Cruise 0/5
+0.5% movement speed for each stack of anarchy. (max: 50% boost)

Relentless Resolve 0/1
While you are in Fight For Your Life, Deathtrap gains +50% movement speed and +100% offense.

Iron Will 0/5
+3% Shield Capacity and Max Health
If Deathtrap dies, for 10 seconds you gain +12% damage resistance.

Boom Parade 0/5
+4% Grenade Damage
+4% Shotgun Damage
+1% chance of a Shotgun inflicting no damage
+2% chance of a Shotgun inflicting +200% damage
+1% chance of a Grenade inflicting +400% damage.

2.0. Upgrade 0/1
Deathtrap gains 5% offense for each level the player has attained after 25

Magnetic Field 0/5
Getting a kill has a 5% chance of reloading all your weapons and switching your main weapon.
(A weapon swapped this way is swapped instantly)

Riot Girl 0/5
+0.3% Fire Rate for each stack of Anarchy. (max bonus: +60%)

Ultra Toxicity 0/1
Deathtraps attacks have a 10% chance of slagging the enemy

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This would fit better in the Gaige section.

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