[BL2] [Custom Character Idea] Fontaine the Spy

Action Skill: SMART VISOR

  • +100% Gun Accuracy
  • +10% Gun Damage
  • +5% Shield Regeneration per Second
  • -20% Movement Speed
  • Sprinting is Disabled

Duration: 10 seconds
Cooldown: None


High Noon (0/5)
+5% Revolver Damage

Theft (0/5)
+5% Health upon Kill

Headshot (0/5)
+8% Critical Hit Damage for Revolvers

Faked Death (0/5)
+1.5 seconds of invincibility after being revived from Fight For Your Life.

Hollywood Cowboy (0/5)
+10% Reload Speed for Revolvers

Quick Response (0/1)
+80% Weapon Swap Speed when switching to a Revolver

Clean Kill (0/5)
+5% Gun Damage while Shield and Health are undamaged.

Seriatim Strike (0/5)
+8% Gun Damage for 5 seconds after you kill 2 enemies within a second apart.

Smoking Gun (0/1)
After a kill with a Revolver, you gain +20% Movement Speed for 5 seconds.

Chain Strike (0/5)
Each time you get a kill, you gain 1 Execution Stack. You gain +8% Gun Damage per Execution Stack. You lose all Execution Stacks when you take damage.

Hitman (0/5)
+3% Gun Damage
+3% Shield Capacity
+3% Max Health
+50% Cash Drops from enemies you killed.

Death Sentence (0/1)
+100% Critical Hit Damage for all Guns.


Juggler (0/5)
+5% Reload Speed
+5% Weapon Swap Speed

Conniver (0/5)
+40% Backstab Melee Damage

Counterattack (0/5)
+80% Melee Damage during Fight For Your Life

Special Serum (0/5)
+3% Chance of Melee Attack inflicting a random ailment on an enemy.

Sleight of Hand (0/5)
+5% Melee Damage
+5% Melee Attack Speed
+5% Weapon Swap Speed

Endless Career (0/1)
10% more EXP gained per kill.

Long Resume (0/5)
+1 Murderous Stack each time you kill an enemy. (Max: 75)
+0.2% Gun Damage per Stack
When you die, you lose all stacks.

Finesse (0/5)
+10% Melee Critical Hit Damage
+5% Weapon Swap Speed

Level Headed (0/1)
+10% Gun and Melee Damage against an enemy of the same level.

Flee The Scene (0/5)
+10% Movement Speed after a Kill
Ends in 5 seconds, or when you fire a weapon.

Aplomb (0/5)
While your shields are down:
+5% Gun Damage
+3% Fire Rate

Transfusion (0/1)
Killing an enemy via a melee fully restores your health.

I like a lot of the skills in it, though some of the skills double down on certain stats and others seem to be pretty high. Like you have multiple skills that contribute to gun damage, making it fairly easy to get up to 50% gun damage and even higher with stacks and the what nots. I’d probably go a little bit lower on how much each point in the skill contributes, even going down 1% is a significant increase. That’s just my two cents on it.

I’m very curious about the look of the character and what does the Action Skill look like? Is their a visual of them putting down or turning on the visor? What does it look like while the visor is active (I imagined a blue tint and highlights Enemies with some sort of indicator or something to that effect)?


Hmm, It’s a splendid start for a character, but I feel like some things are missing. We don’t anything in terms of apperance or background. And unfortunately, pretty much all of her skills, even her keystones, are passives. Something more active to play around, like for example Zero’s dash and kunais, would be splendid! : 3