BL2 Customization Skin and Head totals What is included?

So I’m almost done getting every skin and head for my Siren and I have a few questions now that I am down to my last few.

I’m at 100 Skins of 103. I have every DLC Skin from headhunters, I have the Dragon’s Keep Skin via Shift, Both of Hammerlock’s Big Game hunt Skins, I have every skin awarded via a challenge and every Drop except for Terramorphos and Vermiveros skins.

As for heads I am missing 3 heads aswell, The Bunkers, Terramorphos and Vermiveros again. So I have not clue what Skin is also included in this total.

Community day Heads and Skins where “Hidden” and not a part of the total last just like every Shift Reward skin and head and previously dlc pack before the handsome collection.

Is the Gearbox Skin included in the total?!?!?

If so why its as players are not supposed to be able to collect it.

The Gearbox skin is for gbx staff only. I wouldn’t include it in any total for that reason.

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Which are you missing?
I’ve got a skin from Terra that I already had.
If your on xbox one you can have it.

I wont even expect anything , like a cobra say , for it.

Just kidding. :slight_smile:
(about the cobra , not the skin.)

Are you sure you have every skin that you have to buy from Marcus’s weapon machines? I know there are some skins that are only available as the item of the day from those machines, so there’s a good chance that the skin you’re missing may be one of those.

If you are on ps4, i have an extra terramorphus head and skin for maya. Send message on psn if you are interested. Name is same.

So then its the community day skin. But then that means the head is not included in the head total… how dose that make any sence?

Got um all. Those skins are all for weapon manufacturerers and I have all 3 for every brand even Dahl preditor which took ages. I just got Terras skin last night and now all I need is Vermiveros but I am still missing 1 skin that is not hidden.

I was recently told by someone in a ps4 community that the Gearbox skin has an Item code and was part of the game at launch unlike most dlc and shift and it is part of the total as it was part of the initial game. Again this is just info from some stranger in a community on ps4. If it is the community day skin tho then why is the head not part of the head total until unlocked?

Gearbox skins were never community day skins.

Whether they were initially intended to be for general use, but this was later changed before release, I don’t know. On release, they were not intended for anyone other than gearbox staff. There is no legitimate way of obtaining them in-game.

Oh I wasn’t saying they where community day skins you misunderstand. What I was saying is they did have an item code and the item was apparently found as a “lootable item” meaning it had a skin item of purple rarity that was a physical in game item. What this guy was suggesting is that beacuse it was part of the first set of skins written in to the games code it was a part of the skin total listed at the NewU stations due to the fact that the total was just talying up the total number of skins in the games code and thuse Headhunter, cosmetic pack, and campaign dlc skins and heads are not initially in the tally.

Ah, I see. That may well be the case.

But it’s still not legitimate loot.

I agree I am just wondering if it is part of the total for the sake of knowing at this point. If someone has the community day head/ skin they can confirm if sirens total got bumped to 104 or if it held at 103 in the handsom collection. Sadly I didn’t play back in 2013 and I will be extremely lucky to ever get this skin on mu siren :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the bunker head if you got another legendary head to trade if your on Xbox one.