[BL2] Does anyone have these following heads?

I’m looking for a few heads that are for Axton and Salvador. If you do not have the following heads, then could I noted as to where to farm these and which mode is more effiecient for it? Anyways, the following heads are:

-Boatmurderer [Salvador]
-Space Knight [Axton]
-Sandblaster [Axton]
-Bone Blinder [Axton]
-Call Down the Thunder [Axton]
-Guy with the Gun [Axton]

Those are the heads I am looking for if anyone has a spare of. Again, if you don’t, then I’d like to know the best possible ways to farm those heads. Thank you.

I actually just got the Sandblaster on TVHM the other day from one of the badass fire skags in the holding cells or whatever in the Wildlife, right across from the room where the Loot Midgets spawn!..Sure this doesn’t help you much but thats where I got mine a couple days ago!

Man, I wish you would’ve asked me last week before I gave away my Axton’s heads and skins. I just need Vermi head and skin for Axton

I am selling mods for 2 and Pre Sequel if youd like to buy some pm me i have level 72 max money and op8 for pre sequel and level 70 for borderlands 2

What about the EMPR-TP and CMD0-TP heads for Claptrap in the Pre-Sequel? I’d also like those two for sure but I don’t think they’ll drop if I farm Zarpedon with Jack.

Speaking of which, I did get the Handsome head to drop from Zarpedon…

Do you still need space knight?

Yes, do you have an extra?

Extra? yeah, found two of them.

PSN is ewoktapus.

Alright, I’ll get on PSN shortly.

Do you have the Galant Grunt head for Axton. I had it but I accidently gave it away, it’s along story. I would really appreciate someone giving it to me. PSN is th3GR33Ng0blin72

Done just waiting to drop it for you an tx @Sun_Tsunami

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