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Maybe already posted hopefully this is the correct place. I finished BL2 and bought the expansion pack. I installed it on my xbox one and it did install I saw it and my storage space went down. I loaded BL2 and all the places are still starred. I looked at my installed packs and they are there, but BL2 wants to charge me for them again. I tried rebooting, reinstalling them and reinstalling the game, no dice. SO I went to my xbox one and installed it there which worked the first time. Hopfully it would load on the xbox one. Went back to xbox one and it says saved using pack that is not available on this consul. I was told that it is BC for the xbox one. Can sombody help?

Which expansion pack- the one that raises the level cap to 61 or the one that raises it to 72 and includes Digistruct Peak? Also, which version of the game are you using- The Handsome Collection (aka THC) or a 360 version using backwards compatibility?

Borderlands 2: Add-On Content Pack (Xbox 360)

big help, thanks

360 backward

Have you tried to just download the dlc again? And if so does it go to a screen asking for payment? Wish I could tell you more- I played my 360 BL2 on my XBox One via backwards compatibility but I can’t remember what, if anything it asked to be downloaded again- I know there where some things but I can’t remember if it took me to a payment screen when I clicked on the dlc. BTW, did you buy this digitally or is there a physical copy?

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So the way these things appear to work (based off my limited experience with a few games notably not including BL2) is that the XB1 needs to catch up with the fact that you now have additional licensed content.

This is actually easier if you buy the packs through the MS store - did that recently with Dragon Age 2 extra content, and it all showed up as soon as I rebooted the game. Certainly, if you’ve purchased via the XBox store there seem to be fewer licensing issues with many backwards compatible titles.

I’m not sure with physical disk installs whether you need to insert the expansion disk every time you want to play the game. Those disks were obviously released for use on a physical 360 long before the XB1 came out.

Since this is really a license/DRM issue that’s specific to the backwards compatible feature on the XB1, you may want to contact MS support and see what they say about it.

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its a real disk, it says its installed on the xbox 1 I did it several times. If I try to d/l the pack it wants to charge me for each one.

Best I can say is to go ahead and try to download the dlc again and if it takes you to an actual payment screen (as opposed to just asking for payment) try what @VaultHunter101 suggested. Not sure what the return policy is for games at Walmart but you might be better off just getting THC instead…

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It works correct on my Xbox, I upload the character and then try on the xbox one it says cant continue the game as it starts in a place you dont have access to or something like that, I also tried to let a friend join my xbox game and he got the same message. Is there a list someplace of all the expansion packs and what the contain. At this point Im afraid to buy anything on disk, although a used disk at a much better price than MS is hard to pass up. I can get the THC for $10 but Im afraid I might have the same problems. I know MS wants to kill off disks and force downloads at some point.

Looks like although inserting the expansion disk in the XB1 triggered a download of some kind, it’s not registering as being licensed for use. I don’t think there’s an easy fix: if you look at the descriptions of how the b/c system works for DLC, it basically appears to be tied to your digital purchases unless the published of the game makes something like a GOTY version avialable (which is how the b/c BL1 version ended up.)

Honestly, if you buy the Handsome Collection next time it goes on sale, you’ll get ALL the content for both BL2 and TPS, at a higher frame rate and with better graphics - and that’s as released. If you can get it for $10 on disk for XB1, I’d do it. Best price I’ve seen for the digital version was about $15 CDN.


Is there different versions of the HC? I see standard, and HD Where is it for sale for $15 CDN? Is the the enhanced version 1080P? Can I buy the disk and install it and resell it or do I need it every time I reload the game? or can I play it with someone that doesn’t have it if I host the game?

The HD version is only for XB1 X - it has higher resolution textures.