BL2 frame rate issues

Anyone else having issues with this in BL2? It’s fairly noticeable when just playing, but menus and vendors just drag down stupidly to the point of serious lag anytime I jump into them for any reason

Oh yes. Happened to me 3 times. Hard reset on XBONE fixes it but will happen eventually again! Gearbox is working on a patch hopefully to fix this and other issues.

I haven’t had any issues at all. It could be your TV. if your refresh rate is 120Hz that could be the problem. My friend has that problem. I have a 240Hz set. So I get the image in 60FPS,

If you’re using a A/V Reciever, you should set your HDMI setting to “PassThrough”. That way the signal from the One to your TV doesn’t go through any kind of signal processing.

Its a software not hardware issue. Its a known problem that A LOT of people are having and nothing to do with tv settings. Tv is not at 120hz. A hard reset on the Xbox one fixes it right away. If it was hardware resets would not fix it right away

So I guess there is still no word of when this is being fixed. Game is unplayable for me as is