BL2 Framerate Issues?

So I got the handsome collection, and I’m getting frame rate issues, as it’s not a constant 60 like a lot of videos on YouTube show it to be.

My FOV is set to 90.
I have an OG Xbox One from 2014.
I have made sure downloads are not running in the background.
I have full shutdown my console numerous times.
I have reinstalled the game.

What’s causing this? Do I need a new Xbox? Other games run fine.

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You will see FR drops under certain situations:

  • On-line play where one partner has a laggy connection compared to the others
  • When there’s a lot of gear and bodies in the vicinity
  • When there are multiple visual effects firing simultaneously
    • much worse in TPS when there’s lots of Cryo effects firing
  • On certain maps where there are a large number of overlapping objects in your FOV at any one time.

I don’t know if streaming your game effects FR, but that’s also a possibility.

Are you noticing the FR drops in specific locations, or just generally everywhere? Other than the things mentioned above, I’ve never seen FR drops on my XB1, and it’s a base model as well (although bought about a year after launch).

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