BL2: Free Leveling Lobbies (PS4)

Hi everyone,

I’ve seen lots of posts about people wanting to level, so here’s your answer.

Its all free so just please follow this process so I can get in contact with you, only 3 people at a time and I will be AFK during the levelling. I am only level 59 at the moment so It will not work for anyone above that level.

This is not a fast process, it usually requires going AFK, the higher level you are the longer it takes.

I have done the calculations and at my level, 10-12 hours AFK will hit you around 800,000 xp (This means that most lobbies will be hosted during the night, GMT < British Time)

Due to being in the UK it will be harder for me to host a lobby for people outside of the UK.

Format for applying (example):

Country: (UK)
Your level: (59)
PSN: (Irino_Sora)

Please do not beg me, you will be blocked.

This is also on a first come first serve basis, Im just trying to help all of you out.

Borderlands 2 only!!!

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Hey dude I’m wondering are you still doing the lobbies?


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Hey can I get levled

HEY MAN. really want to be helped level i suck and will be happy to not just play with you once but for when ever you want. have finished main mission too and can do DLC’s and over all just hang