BL2 fresh start anyone?

Looking for some chill people to just start a fresh character and go through the game. Doesn’t matter how many people but once we start I plan on finishing! My gamertag is slipknotfan163 so add me if you wanna join. If there ends up being 4 people in total sweet. If there ends up only being 2 people, sweet. Doesn’t matter to me just wanna have some fun and relax playing this awesome ass game.


im down! add me, my gt is mS Xero.

Alright sweet will do.

Still looking for at least one more person before starting

Is your playtime around uk time? Is so I’d be interested :grinning: wanted to start a siren for a while now.

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Im Eastern Central Time :frowning:

Okay dude no worries, hope you find a full squad😉 happy looting.

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