BL2 Gameplay bug

Whenever I play borderlands 2, my character randomly starts looking upwards in the middle of playing, even when I’m holding the stick to look back down. I’m constantly fighting the character to keep my aim steady and it’s starting to get annoying. Does anyone have any insight into this?

Not a XBone user, but if similar things are happening in other games the right joystick is busted.

It’s just borderlands. All my other games are fine. And this is happening even as I’m holding the stick down to look down.

Never had that on XB1, and the only time I had a similar problem on 360 it was indeed the controller’s joystick. Since you’re only seeing this in BL2, go into the game options menu and check your look sensitivity settings. Try tweaking them around a bit, and see what effect it has. It could be that the sensitivity setting is different enough in BL2 compared to your other games that you’re seeing a hardware issue only in BL2.

Other than that, all I can suggest would be a full reset of your XB1. (Check the xbox support site for details.)

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