BL2 Gold Keys Worth Saving for BL3?

Curious to know if it is worth saving my gold keys for Borderlands 3? Do you think they will cross over or be locked into BL2?

Ah, released keys are already locked to a certain game. If they tweet a key for TPS, it won’t work in BL2. There’ll be new codes and keys released for BL3 in time.

Feel free to use those BL2 keys whenever you want.


That would be neat if they did cross over.

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Each platform so far has had its own key codes, so odds are they’ll continue that practice.

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Wellllll crap… that makes total sense though, time to go spend some key yay!

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Spend them in BL2 they won’t be transferable between the games…Go nuts! :smiley:

I so wish they did cross over, I would have 255 keys for BL3 if that was the case.


I want to request cap limit increase on golden keys… Mine been at 255 for years lol

Curious why you are hoarding so many keys? Why not just use a bunch of them periodically?

Am I the only one who thinks that golden keys are a weird thing in a loot shooter to begin with? My first impression was that they were introduced to compensate for, ahem, rather stingy BL2 drop rates. OK, they are also a mechanism to drive engagement on social networks etc.

I used them once or twice and did not like it: felt almost like cheating. No surprise, no sense of accomplishment. “Here is a treat for you, for jumping through hoops and being such a good boy! Who’s a good boy? Well, yes you are - take these 5 golden keys…”

I don’t like being manipulated in such an obvious way, I guess…


i would assume because not a lot of stuff that comes out of that god forsaken golden chest isnt that good and isnt really worth it.

i can relate to that. it does sorta feel weird and cheat-ey.

If you’re going to put those words in Gearbox’s mouth about the intent of this chest when it is something that’s totally optional and can be totally ignored with zero effect on the game, I can see how it would seem like they’re out to get you.

So, what was GBX’s intent? While we are at it - it does not fit into BL world: there is no in-game way to obtain a golden key, no NPC even acknowledges its existence (unless I missed it), etc.

It’s all opinions, of course - and I’m ignoring it quite successfully, so no worries.


And there you have it. I think there’s a bit more detail in the SHiFT Terms & Conditions, but those are also published.

I like the heads and skins for special events. Golden keys I pretty much only use when I’m really stuck and I haven’t added any (other than those attached to recent head and skin packs) in a long time. I think I have 150 sitting in BL2 that I’ll burn through to help out someone at or close to level if they’re struggling. Most of my TPS keys ended up as grinder fodder in the name of scientific research.

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Generally the only time I’ve used keys is when I’ve had a noticeable dry spell of gear upgrades on a character while leveling.


Worst idea ever. Also there should not be any large bonusses like 75 keys in BL1 and 5k BadAss Points in TPS for playing previous games.

Mostly just use the keys when I cant find gear to deal with situations. If i cant find decent gear for my level I use at most five keys to help out. So many keys are given out that I am always maxed. Dont have friends to donate gear to as well.

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It was more of a joke, but we will most likely will be getting some stuff to boost our characters for playing the older games.

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while were on the subject of keys, apologies if this has been asked already, but i remember that in bl2 the keys scaled the loot so people were inclined to save till they maxed level so they could get some sweet guns, any word on if thats still the same?