BL2 goty dlc installed... but not installed?

yesterday I have installed ‘Borderlands 2 Game of the Year’, purchased on Steam.
Steam says to have installed all the dlc that were included in the bundle.
But in game the Downloadable Content submenu shows that there are 3 dlc missing.
They are:

  • Borderlands 2: Creature Dome
  • Borderlands 2: Premiere Club
  • Borderlands 2: Collectors Edition

For each of them the in-game status is ‘purchased’ and ‘not downloaded’.
But Steam explicitly says to have installed them.
Just now I verified my steam cache. Steam says that all is ok, but the game still says that the dlc are ‘not downloaded’.

Am I doing something wrong?

I believe those are the stand-alone versions, since they were all pre-order bonuses initially. My guess is that the content is included in the game download already. If you can select Gaige (Mechromancer) when you go to start a new character, you’re good to go already.

The interesting thing about those “DLCs” is that they simply add things to the game when you start a character - premium and collectors’ editions add starting gear for every character, and the slaughterdome is mentioned as being unlocked at the start of any new game.

They’re also not standalone DLCs, instead being benefits awarded to people who purchase certain editions. GOTY adds all those benefits.

Aah, that explains.
I can select Gaige (or also Krieg) as a new character. And my Axton was equipped with a pair of ugly rifles branded gearbox which I found immersion breaking and threw away - now don’t tell me I was supposed to keep them : /

I can’t confirm/deny about the ‘slaughterdome’ (the Creature Dome dlc, I assume). I received 3-4 messages at the start of the game but I don’t remember what they said. Didn’t pay much attention to them, because I knew I’d get some kind of notification for having many dlcs active from the start.
I noticed the discrepancy between Steam and the in-game dlc submenu only much later.

So, to cut a long story short: I do not have to worry and my game is fine?
Thank you guys : )

Yeah I’m sure you’re fine.

The Gearbox equipment is pretty weak and should be replaced asap!

Depends a little bit on the dice rolls in generating it. I’ve had some good pieces, although I’ve almost always found something better by the time I’ve cleared Liar’s Berg.

The Gearbox sniper rifle is good, just because other than that the first sniper rifle comes at level 5 from Bad Hair Day.

If one likes to use sniper rifles, that is (I do, obviously).

Agreed about the sniper; the one from Bad Hair Day is also solid. Last time I started a new character, I got a GBX AR which totally blew everything away.