BL2 goty wont transfer any dlc content to my xbox one

I downloaded all DLC from the GOTY edition and went through all the pain to get my saves from the 360 onto the xbox one, so i get on all ready to play but nope cant use either of my mechromancer or psycho pack. Fine so i use the lvl 40 gunzerker save file and it works fine, so i go to try the dlc and no it prompts a purchase from the microsoft store even though i have them downloaded… what is the problem. I’m beyond frustrated at this point, I wasted $10 on a gold subscription to use their lovely cloud storage and i still cant use the DLC content i got with my GOTY edition. HELP ME PLEASE

If you’re still using the 360 disc on the XB1 to launch the backwards compatible version of the game, you should be able to get that setup without paying for the dlc. Getting DLC you own installed on backwards compatible titles is a bit of a pain, and it’s not just Borderlands games - other publisher titles have similar problems.

I had similar issues with the BL1 GOTY disc when I first put that on XB1. What ended up working was removing the game (not the save files) from the XB1 and then triggering the download/install using the second disk that contained the DLC content.

The other thing you can try doing is going in to the MS store page directly from the system (not via the in-game downloadable content menu) and seeing if you can trigger an update on the DLC content that way.

I redid the cloud saves, painfully, but it seems to work completely now. I’m hoping it stays like this now. Thanks for the quick response tho!

Yeah. MS has done an amazing job of getting all these old games (even original XBox titles) running on the XB1 - and they have said they’ll also run on the new console coming out at the end of the year. But the system is sometimes a little awkward.

One thing now you have everything working: if you do get the Handsome Collection at any point (BL2 + TPS running native on XB1 at 60 fps) you’ll be able to do the upload/download through the in-game menus to move your save files to that version. Nice to be able to have a little insurance on future playability!

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Sooooo its back the the Unloadable save data… I think I’m done with it this is so frustrating for no reason.