BL2 Help and Co-Op Players XBox One

Since matchmaking seems to be messed up still I’m looking for people to play with! I don’t mind what level you are, I’m pretty much up for whatever. I have a lvl 20, 30, 61, OP8 etc

If you’re 21+ feel free to add me! BL2 is my favorite game buuuuut it’s been getting boring with nobody to play with!

GT: Dopamiiine

Cheers guys!

I added u. GT: XGN N1nja. Im on a lot. My highest is 53 but would like some help getting him to op8.

I have a 70, 20 and 38
Hit me up if you ever are looking to play I added you

Awesome! I’ve added you both. I’ll be on today so let me know if you wanna play!


I added u. GT= mikesavelkoul and have various toons from lvl 20 to OP8! will be home starting next week and almost always playing BL2!

I sent a msg with GT.

Hi bitch this gotta be 4 letters long

Hmmm this makes no sense…

i have a lv 31 Krieg, and i just started TVHM, id love to play with someone.

GT: expert nobody

Feel free to add me! I should be on in a few days.

i added you and sent you a message on xbox

Hi, i have a lvl 39 psycho and have just started TVHM. Need people to play with, and would’nt mind starting TPS?

Cool, feel free to add me!

Currently playing TPS as a lv 12 Enforcer, always looking for people to play with. Also have characters on BL2 on TVHM and UVHM as well. GT:TheLordDiscord

I will add you guys on. My gamertag: gunnychief I have a Lv 55 commando

i added u GT N0sto Hope we can play sometime

Great! I’ve been out of town the past few weeks but would love to play when I get home next week :blush:

Huffygeeze is my gamertag I’m a 72 assassin and just starting op runs but finding it difficult on my own if any one wants to add me tht wid be appreciated