BL2 instantly disconnects from XBox Live on start, fails to update, and kicks me back to Home

I had a hard drive go belly up and replaced it with a new one. After downloading my profile and all of my games and DLC I tried to start Borderlands 2. Each time I attempt to start the game I am instantly disconnected from XBox Live, then told an update is necessary. Trying to download the update fails because I’m not connected, of course. Pressing A to acknowledge that error sends me back to the XBox Home screen and instantly reconnects me to Live. I had this problem previously but can’t remember how I resolved it and can’t find the info I used online at that time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edited to add: I deleted all Borderlands 2 content, cleared system cache, downloaded just the game itself, and still have this problem.

I found 2 things that might be helpful.

Gearbox Software on Twitter

Gearbox Software Support - Xbox Live Compatability Pack Download Loop

Hope this helps!

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I’ve never had to do this, but I believe there is a second step you have to do after transferring the content in order to play it:

Edit: Just to add, the Comp. Pack loop issue doesn’t usually sign you out of XBLive, just makes it so that your BL2 game only allows local co-op. If your stuck in CP loop hell, you’d still be able to see your friends on-line status, and you’d still be able to play on-line in other games.

Thanks for the suggestions but the problem seems to have resolved itself. When I turned on my machine this morning the update downloaded and installed just fine on the first try. I had been so frustrated by that point that I don’t even care to know what the problem was now. I’m still stinging from the loss of my saves but I enjoy the game enough that I’ll get over it. (I lost 3 characters above level 60, including a Commando I’d finally gotten up to throwing two Longbow nuke turrets and I’d barely had any time to properly enjoy that.)

I have a profile on my son’s One, though, and had done a cloud save with that Commando in anticipation of getting my own One soon, so at least I can eventually recover that one. Thanks again.

Wow, glad you got it resolved, but that really sucks about your saves. I’ve noticed with a few things that fully quitting a game (or completely restarting the box) are essential to avoiding issues.

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