BL2 is a great game but PC optimization is terrible and still no fix happening in 2019

I mainly play on console and since I’ve got myself a new gaming PC w/Ryzen 2700x/RTX 2060 6GB OC/16GB DDR4 RAM/Windows 10 Pro. I probably have searched everything via internet and here are my problems since I started playing the Steam version and most other high end PC users experienced:

  1. “Ran out of video memory” then game crash
    -Listed my PC specs above and updated everything regularly, this was really annoying specially on multiplayer, base from other ppl who were also experiencing this, some say it was the NVIDIA Physyx (FFS really, GBS just simply add an “OFF option” for this), some say it happens mostly like a bug w/GTX 1070 and above, and ppl also say it was since the Ultra HD update. There’s just too many issues in the PC version that needs to be addressed if you are even reading this post devs/staff/whoever in GBS). Though some said the page file memory allocation fixed this but not for everyone.
  2. Freezing client/BL2 is not responding and “No Crash/Error Report Window” to at least help track wtf is happening.
  3. Useless support/ticket system
    -I’ve sent several reports and all of them are like the same responses in bot/auto-reply format which literally didn’t help at all.
  4. Borderlands 1 and 2 got lesser FPS since the Enhance/HD update specially in multiplayer.

There are other stuffs I might missed/forgot so maybe I’ll try to edit/update this post, but for now I guess I’mma go back in PS console because I had zero issues there compared to my terrible experience here in PC.

You will get one auto-reply with a ticket number. There should then be a human follow-up email.

If you did not get a follow-up to any of your tickets, and they didn’t drop in your spam folder, you can reply to the initial one and ask for any update.

Generally, you should get a response within a day of the auto-reply (slower on holiday weekends)

The support staff will gather as much information as possible. They do pass details on to the development team, but they don’t have access to information about actual patches.

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