BL2 is the hardest out of all the BL games

do you guys agree? BL1 is the easiest

They’re all equally easy. You could argue that BL2 is harder at OP8 but then that’s kind of the point. The NVHM/TVHM AI on TPS seems harder than BL2.

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Pfft. TPS was the easiest if you discount the need for oxygen, but the one, true badass vault hunter doesn’t need no stinking oxygen!


The kind of difficulty I like most is the big variety of enemy types in BL2, giving incentive to adapt tactics and equipment according to what enemy I’m fighting. And loaders are most fun, because detaching their limbs changes their behavior and dangerousness.

Haven’t played TPS much, but… Regardless of movement gains, I hate fighting flying enemies and I’m not that big of fan fighting while midair myself.

BL1 isn’t very diffucult, but sometimes enemy spawns with great weapon in hands and becomes that much more deadly. Makes killing them literally rewarding, for they drop that gun after death. That’s one part I like about BL1 difficulty.

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Even if you ain’t the breathing type, you’ll still be glad you’ve got an Oz kit.


regular spiderants in borderlands 1 are like scorches in borderlands 2. I hate those things in borderlands 1.

TPS was the easiest? Perhaps, it was very easy with Wilhelm using lasers

TPS is the most balanced one, BL1 is the easiest, as far as levelling and endgame is considered. Especially for completionists, cause doing every sidequest WILL get you overleveled.

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BL2 UVHM with Zero I couldn’t even get past the first boss, the flame thrower dude on the ship

I did beat it with Maya the siren though

BL1 playthrough 2.5 is the equivalent of UVHM at level 72. Comparing the two of those I would say BL1 is harder.

Bringing in OP Levels would not be fair since BL1 & TPS don’t have them. Comparing 69 & 70 levels of difficulty is unreasonable. If you set the difficult of either of those games to 80 as well it would be a fair comparison.

Also, UVHM Level 50 is pretty well known as being tough because you are using the same gear you did at TVHM level 50 but all of a sudden the enemies have way more health, and it regenerates very quickly. Once you get past level 50 it gets a lot easier when you get in the habit of using slag & crit’ing everything as much as possible, or are using a character capable of doing massive damage at level 50 with the right build like Sal, Krieg, or Zero for starters.


To be fair, Captain Flynt is a bitch to kill most of the time

All they need is their trusted buzzaxe, and for Mr. Torgue to approve this…

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I also found that to be true in bl 2 as well.

Simon Burling

Borderlands was tough in its own way due to how some of the enemies are such as Alpha Skags which required you to think rather than hose them down with bullets. It is also the only game to date that if you see a skull by an enemy’s name you better run if you don’t have some serious firepower. For the most part, even when fully equipped, I always felt threatened by the Crimson Lance as they are the only enemies in the franchise that use grenade COMs and are often equipped with some serious firepower, especially in Knoxx. I think if the Lance were given better A.I and brought into BL2 where they could be affected by the OP system they would be a major force to be reckoned with.

I found myself more frustrated playing TPS than BL1 or BL2, especially against bosses where most of them felt like gear-checks more than anything with a few exceptions such as Zarpedon. I don’t think I ever found a true balance between ‘Bored Stiff’ and ‘Mean and Green’ as either I was bulldozing enemies or dealing with ■■■■■■■■ laser totting enemies whom I hate with a passion. The amount of damage DoTs did was also absurd, at least to me, even in the lower difficulties. Arguably the hardest part of TPS though was dealing with some of the locals that I wanted to blow their brains out after listening to them for fifteen seconds.

Borderlands 2 I find the hardest but that is because of the variety of enemies, raid bosses, the first iteration of UVHM, and the OP levels. Going from level 50 to 72 is a pain and so is 72 to OP8 but it is mostly due to gear restrictions than anything else when not concerning the really tough enemies. I don’t feel nearly as threatened by most enemies in BL2 as I do by the Lance in the first game but that may just be a psychological thing more than anything else. While BL2 has frustrated me in the past it is nothing like what TPS has done.



I’ll take getting mobbed by Alphas in the Circle of Death over that any day.

Comparison between the three can only be made at endgame levels. It takes so much effort to get to endgame in the TPS that I never actually reached it with any of my characters.

With BL1, there’s not much to do at endgame compared with BL2, so I’ve not spent much time at that level.


Agreed. Two of my three active characters are waiting to begin Intelligences of an Artificial Persuasion. Heading out to meet Pickle again, hmm, maybe I have something better to do… I’ve tried to argue myself into believing that Pickle might be Face McShooty and thus I really do eventually get to shoot him in the head, but it’s just not plausible. Plus I kinda like Mr. McShooty so it doesn’t work on that level either…

That said I actually do like TPS slightly better than BL2 overall. :slight_smile: The ending to Claptastic Voyage helps with the “annoying NPCs you want to kill” issue, as well.


The turret calibration section is very, very annoying beyond Normal mode. If the damn turrets cannot do much more than tickle the psychos then just skip putting them on.

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Yup, this. I had a Crimson Lance soldier using a Defiler against me once. All these corrosive splashes proccing around me as I dove and zipped for cover, and when I finally killed him and saw what he dropped, I understood why. :slight_smile:

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I’m almost there with Athena… level 67. It’s definitely a damn slog getting there.

But I get the feeling I’ll get there first with Clappy. To me, he’s kinda like Salvador in that at first, I had no fun at all playing him, but then something clicked and I’m having a ton of fun with him. His action skill is totally RNG but it’s satisfying in cases when I happened to roll Pirate Ship mode against EOS, for example. :smiley:


Personally I like it hard, but I have not had the pleasure of BL. And TPS is a work in progress :slight_smile:

So in all honesty I can not compare, but I thoroughly enjoy the challenge that BL2 excels at in endgame! The actual combat this game provides is top tier, and it’s almost five years old…

BL2 in itself is Legendary!